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21 May 2024
AETOS Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Singapore, 21 May 2024 – AETOS proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary, a momentous occasion reflecting the collective efforts of its people and partners who have contributed to its success story since its inception in 2004.

To celebrate this milestone, AETOS was honoured to have Mr. Sean Chiao, Group CEO of SJ Group, to join the launch of its 20th anniversary logo and heritage wall at AETOS HQ yesterday. Together, they commemorated the legacy and growth that AETOS has achieved in the past two decades, reinforcing its unwavering commitment in Securing Our Future as a leading unified security solutions provider.

Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the eagle, as well as the concept of ‘enso’, AETOS' anniversary logo is a poignant representation of its journey the past two decades, and its aspirations for the future - while remembering that true progress lies in embracing imperfections and continuous improvement.

"AETOS' rich legacy is built on the trust of our clients, partners, and most importantly, the relentless dedication and contributions of our people. As we look ahead to another 20 years and beyond, I am excited about our continued growth with the SJ Group, and making real impact together." said Mr. Jerry See, AETOS Senior Executive Director.

“Thank you, AETOS, for your commitment to securing our future and consistently going above and beyond. Happy 20th anniversary, and here's to many more years of dedication, growth, and innovation!” said Mr. Sean Chiao, SJ GCEO.
08 May 2024
AETOS Appoints Jerry See as Senior Executive Director
Singapore, 8 May 2024 – AETOS today announced the appointment of Mr. Jerry See as its new Senior Executive Director (SED), effective from 1 May 2024. Mr. See succeeds Mr. Alfred Fox, who has assumed the role of Chief People and Culture Officer at SJ Group.

During Mr. Fox’s tenure, he led AETOS to make significant strides in transforming its business and workforce capabilities beyond traditional manpower security and beyond Singapore, while leveraging technology as a key enabler. He helped set new standards for the industry by launching its next-generation 5G-capable Integrated Command Centre (ICC), which offers unified capabilities of security, safety, smart facilities management, and sustainability tracking.

“It has been a true privilege to serve and lead AETOS the past five years. Together, we stayed resilient and supported one another—celebrating our collective success and weathering all storms. It has been an extraordinary journey, and I am confident that Jerry's deep expertise and fresh perspectives will propel AETOS to greater heights,” said Mr. Fox.

Mr. See brings over three decades of extensive experience in the security and law enforcement sectors, and has a proven track record in strategic planning, technology deployment, and corporate governance. Prior to joining AETOS, Mr. See has held senior leadership positions under the Ministry of Home Affairs for over 20 years, including his last appointment as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Policy) in the Singapore Police Force.

“I am honoured to join AETOS at this pivotal moment in its journey. I look forward to building on the strong foundations laid by Alfred, and fostering stronger collaborative bonds with the leadership team, our dedicated workforce and valued stakeholders. Together, we will push the boundaries of innovation and strive for excellence in all that we do," said Mr. See.
23 February 2024
AETOS Partners HMI Institute to Elevate Medical and Healthcare Education
Singapore, 22 February 2024 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading private healthcare education provider, HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI Institute), to empower professionals and contribute to enhanced community well-being through bespoke medical and healthcare training programmes.

Through this strategic collaboration, ATA and HMI Institute will jointly offer a range of safety courses, including first aid, emergency response, and caregiver training. This combined effort underscores both organisations’ dedication in helping companies upskill their employees while improving the quality of care for communities.

“By combining our emergency response and training expertise with HMI Institute’s wealth of experience in healthcare education, we aim to not only enhance our capacity in delivering quality healthcare training but also expand our focus to include preventive care. This is particularly crucial in the context of our evolving silver landscape and in support of the Healthier SG initiative,” said Mr. Vincent Soh, Vice President of Integrated Training, AETOS Training Academy.

“We are excited about our partnership with ATA, aimed at empowering professionals and community members with essential first response and healthcare education. This collaboration will enhance access to essential training, thus reinforcing our local safety net with a wider network of medically-trained employees. At the heart of our efforts, this initiative amplifies our commitment to building a healthier society together,” said Mr. Lee Mun Choon, General Manager of HMI Institute.
18 November 2023
AETOS Clinched Seven Awards at the Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) 2023
18 November 2023 - AETOS has once again demonstrated its leadership in the security industry by securing seven awards at the Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) 2023. The award categories include Best Security Agencies (Close Protection), Best Security Agencies (Commercial), Best Security Agencies (Events Management), Best Security Consultancy Firms, Best Security Training Organisations, Best Security Management Platform Providers, and the prestigious Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award.

Organised by the Security Association Singapore, Accounting Professionals and Asgardian Labs, this outstanding achievement highlights AETOS’ commitment and continuous efforts to stay ahead as an agile leader in the security industry.

“Being acknowledged as a trailblazer and a leading solutions provider in the industry is truly an honour. Since day one, we have been committed to Securing Our Future. We are actively establishing new standards through advanced ops-tech integration, while fostering a multi-skilled workforce. This win not only reflects our commitment but also fuels our motivation to continuously innovate and achieve extraordinary outcomes that will surpass expectations,” said Lim Kok Hwa, Senior Vice President of Operations.
30 October 2023
AETOS Partners ACCORD to Strengthen Support for NS and National Defence
Singapore, 30 October 2023 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD), Employer and Business (E&B) Council, established by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). As the first public-private partnership for ACCORD, this collaboration serves to not only strengthen national defence but also empower Singaporeans to further accelerate their careers in the sector post-National Service.

Through this strategic partnership, both organisations will jointly accredit full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) under the ambit of the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) security courses, and enhance the security capabilities of Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) and NS Mark (Gold) accredited entities. Beyond core security modules, AETOS will offer a wide range of courses to further uplift individuals’ skill sets, including first aid, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilot training and certification, and WSQ Adapt to Change with an Outward Mindset for Frontliners among others.

“At AETOS, we understand the vital role that NSmen and NSFs play in safeguarding our nation’s security. Our collaboration with ACCORD underscores our commitment to help elevate the expertise of our NSmen and NSFs by aligning their security competencies and skill sets with industry standards. Beyond simply offering specialised security training, this strategic partnership reflects our commitment to empowering fellow Singaporeans to upskill and reskill, ensuring a seamless transition into the security sector and continued employment after NS,” said Mr. Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS. “Together, we are equipping them with in-demand, relevant skills that will not only advance their professional growth but also enhance their employability in the long run.”

“The ACCORD (E&B) Council is MINDEF/SAF’s strategic partner to engender the employers and businesses’ support and advocacy for National Service (NS) and our NSmen. To enhance our NSmen’s employability, MINDEF/SAF has collaborated with ACCORD (E&B) Council to offer opportunities for NSmen to acquire skills to stay relevant in the workplace. On behalf of MINDEF/SAF, I would like to thank AETOS for their commitment to support the professional development of our NSmen. Going forward, MINDEF/SAF will continue to leverage on ACCORD (E&B) Council to explore other collaborative opportunities to enhance our NSmen’s employability and relevance in the future workplace,“ said BG(NS) Kenneth Liow, Director National Service Affairs, Head ACCORD (E&B) Council Secretariat.
13 October 2023
AETOS Partners Apollo Global Academy to Enhance Training Programmes
Singapore, 13 October 2023 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has signed a strategic teaming agreement with Apollo Global Academy (AGA), a leading security system engineering training provider in Singapore, to jointly enhance both academies' training programmes to boost the skill sets of security professionals.

Through this partnership, ATA and AGA will co-develop and offer a range of courses, such as Integrated Command Centre Training for Operators, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot Training and Certification, and Integrated Security and Facilities Visual Inspection. This collaboration aligns with AETOS’ commitment to create dynamic career pathways and enable long-term employability in the sector.

“We are excited to join forces with Apollo Global Academy. By pooling our resources together and tapping into AGA’s proficiency in security systems training, we can collectively offer in-demand courses for security professionals who are keen to upskill or reskill themselves; setting new benchmarks for the industry,” said Vincent Soh, Vice President of Integrated Training, AETOS Training Academy.

"Leveraging AETOS’ extensive experience in physical security and integrated training, we are confident of enhancing both academies' calibre of courses. In an era where security technology is a critical shield that safeguards us in an increasingly interconnected world, we aspire to nurture a tech-savvy and future-ready workforce that will be ready to take on evolving industry demands,” said Andrea Siow, Director of Apollo Global Academy.
07 July 2023
AETOS Partners Ascent Solutions to Secure Safer, Smarter & Sustainable Cities in Asia
Singapore, 6 July 2023 – AETOS has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ascent Solutions, an industrial IoT track-and-trace solutions provider based in Singapore. Witnessed by the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Ms. Low Yen Ling, the signing marks the initiation of a partnership between both companies to jointly develop and collaborate on the provision of fleet management systems, carbon tracking solutions and smart city applications – as part of the expanded solution offerings via AETOS’ 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC).

Leveraging AETOS ICC’s unified platform and Ascent’s expertise in IoT technologies and asset tracking capabilities, both companies will work together to monitor fleet and driver behaviour, track fleet carbon emissions, and perform sustainability reporting for businesses across Asia. This empowers clients to make data-driven decisions that not only create positive environmental impact, but also maximise their asset performance to improve overall productivity and efficiency.

“When it comes to fleet management, which forms an integral part of AETOS’ unified monitoring capabilities, Ascent has proven to be our trusted and reliable partner. With their profound domain knowledge in IoT track-and-trace solutions, our clients are now empowered to fully embrace the transformative potential of Industry 4.0 technologies. I am confident that together with Ascent, we will be able to deliver extraordinary outcomes like never before,” said Mr. Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS.

"I am truly inspired by the AETOS team and their strong pursuit of technology. I am incredibly thrilled for what's to come with this partnership. As we embark on this new partnership together with some of the best minds in the industry, it marks the beginning of a remarkable journey, and together with AETOS, we will stay nimble, hungry, and innovative. We look forward to breaking technology barriers and achieving something truly great," said Mr. Lim Chee Kean, CEO of Ascent.
26 May 2023
AETOS Wins Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards and National Business Awards
In recognition of its digital transformation efforts, AETOS was awarded the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Technology Excellence Awards and National Business Awards, under the Smart City - Safety & Security and Security Services categories, respectively.

The SBR Technology Excellence Awards recognises exceptional companies in Singapore that have pioneered groundbreaking IT products and solutions and impactful technology initiatives, whilst the SBR National Business Awards honours local and homegrown companies in Singapore that have greatly contributed to the city-state’s fast-growing economy.

As a leading unified security and safety solutions provider, AETOS has taken concrete steps to champion industry transformation by actively leveraging innovative technologies as a force multiplier to unlock value for its stakeholders. Amongst these is the launch of its 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC). Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D digital twin, the ICC is the first of its kind in the nation that delivers enhanced security, safety, facilities management, and sustainability outcomes for clients – by aggregating data from multiple subsystems into a single agnostic platform.

“These awards reaffirm our commitment to harness technology as an enabler of value creation not just for our clients, but our employees as well. Being an agile first-mover in championing change, it is important that we empower our workforce and uplift them together with the industry by equipping them with integrated skillsets that supercharge their personal and professional development,” said Mr. Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings.
18 April 2023
AETOS Recognised as Employer of Choice
Singapore, 18 April 2023 – AETOS has been listed as one of Singapore’s Best Employers 2023 by The Straits Times and Statista for the second year in a row. Further underlining its commitment to drive employee engagement and experience, AETOS was also recognised as one of HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – which acknowledges organisations that have exemplified success in fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

“AETOS has always taken pride in creating a culture where all our employees feel valued and supported, regardless of their background. Our success as an organisation are built on our people - who are always at the heart of everything we do,” said Ms Irene Tan, Vice President of Human Resources. “As we continue to secure our future as One AETOS, we look forward to playing our part in uplifting the sector by continuously improving our people engagement and development efforts to develop the next generation of multi-skilled talents.”

Find out more about AETOS as one of Singapore’s Best Employers 2023, and Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022.
01 February 2023
Keeping Watch From the Skies at River Hongbao 2023
Part of its integrated security efforts at this year’s River Hongbao – an annual Lunar New Year event at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, AETOS adopted a multi-pronged approach by utilising both ground patrol and drone surveillance to manage crowds and maintain public safety at the iconic venue.

The AI-powered drone monitored movements in the crowd and sought to detect potential threats to enable effective crowd control and timely incident management. It utilises algorithms to determine crowd density from real-time data, preventing overcrowding and ensuring the safety and comfort of attendees at the event.

“We are glad to be securing one of Singapore’s most celebrated festivals, among many others. Being a trusted events security partner of choice, AETOS will continue working closely with our clients to integrate innovative technologies for improved operational efficiencies and enhanced security outcomes,” said Mr Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Customer Success.
19 January 2023
Enhancing Emergency Preparedness and Contingency SOPs
Singapore, 19 January 2023 – AETOS conducted a table-top exercise (TTX) and ground deployment exercise (GDX) with established institutes of higher learning, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), to help validate and enhance their operational readiness in times of adversities and emergencies.

Tailored according to SIM and SUSS’s desired business continuity outcomes, these exercises aimed to identify and mitigate risks in both institutions’ contingency plans when dealing with security incidents, such as an adversarial breach and attack within the compound.

“Having robust response strategies and protocols are critical to protecting people and organisations from the catastrophic impact of unexpected events and hostile actors. We are pleased to partner forward-thinking organisations like SIM and SUSS, who are proactive in testing out their multi-agency response, and strengthening their overall emergency preparedness against such attacks,” said Mr Vincent Soh, Vice President of Integrated Training.
18 November 2022
AETOS Wins Asia’s Most Influential Companies Award at Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2022
Singapore, 18 November 2022 – Leading unified security solutions provider, AETOS Holdings, has been recognised as one of Asia’s Most Influential Companies at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2022, organised by MORS Group.

Out of 420 nominees, AETOS won the Asia’s Most Influential Companies Award, which honours resilient and forward thinking companies in Asia that demonstrate innovativeness, brand influence and adherence to corporate sustainability principles.

“This prestigious award underscores what we have collectively achieved thus far in our transformation journey as an agile and sustainable people-centric organisation. Guided by three fundamental principles – Agility, Cohesiveness and being Extraordinary – also known as ACE, we will continue to harness innovative technologies and bring our benchmarked standards of local expertise beyond our borders; catalysing new value for all of our stakeholders,” said Mr. Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS.

Besides its continuous efforts to champion change and industry transformation through a focus on developing a multi-skilled workforce, data-driven operations and sustainable business growth, AETOS proved that it was possible to go beyond security with its first-of-its-kind 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC). Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D digital twin, the ICC visualises unified operations island-wide on a single dashboard and leverages metaverse applications to achieve security, safety, facilities management and sustainability outcomes.

“Since day one, AETOS aspires to create positive social, environmental and economic impact for our stakeholders. The ACES award is a recognition of that, and we look forward to making an extraordinary impact in Asia and beyond,” he added.
14 November 2022
AETOS Recognised as Industry Leader with Seven Award Wins at the Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) 2022
Singapore, 14 November 2022 – AETOS has reached yet another milestone in its transformation journey by clinching seven awards at the Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) 2022, including the highest echelon – the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award. Organised by the Security Association Singapore, Accounting Professionals, and Asgardian Labs, the SSIA recognises the top security agencies and security projects in the industry; and these wins were testament to AETOS’ strong standing within the industry and among its clients.

Commenting on AETOS’ second consecutive win in the SSIA, Lim Kok Hwa, Senior Vice President Operations of AETOS Holdings, said, “It is a great honour to be recognised as a forerunner and a leading solutions provider in the security industry. This achievement is not only a strong affirmation of the trust that AETOS has established with industry partners and our clients, it also underscores our continuous commitment and efforts to uplift the sector – through advanced ops-tech integration and more importantly, by building a sustainable and multi-skilled workforce. This is a win for AETOS as a group and it will further motivate us to continue innovating, to be trailblazers, and to simply unlock extraordinary value and outcomes for our stakeholders.”

Besides the Apex award, AETOS has clinched awards in other categories including Best Security Training Organisation, Best Security Management Platform Provider, Best Security Consultancy Firm, Best Security Agency (Commercial/Industrial), Best Security Agency (Events Management), and Best Security Agency (Close Protection).
31 October 2022
AETOS Partners Temasek Polytechnic to Train Brunei's Largest Security Firm SPSS
Singapore, 31 October 2022 – Singapore's leading institution of higher learning, Temasek Polytechnic (TP), and leading unified security solutions provider, AETOS Holdings Pte Ltd (AETOS) combined forces to conduct a joint security training programme for Brunei Darussalam’s largest security company, Setia Protective Security Services (SPSS) Sdn Bhd – the first training collaboration of its kind for organisations outside of Singapore.

Peter Lam, Principal and CEO (PCEO) of TP and Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday, 31 October at Temasek Polytechnic, to cement the partnership between AETOS and Temasek Polytechnic - Security Industry Institute (SII). This is the first public-private sector partnership that offers advanced security training programmes that would enhance upskilling opportunities of security personnel in this sector, as well as those beyond Singapore. The collaboration will also see TP and AETOS contributing in the areas of course development, professional training and job placements for the security industry.

The collaboration was kick-started with SPSS with a 5-day training programme comprising security search procedures, technology, digitalisation and Cash-in-Transit operations. SPSS is the largest security agency, with a 1,600 strong workforce and the only agency authorised to provide security services for Government ministries, VVIP locations, embassies and other National Key Points (NKP) in Brunei Darussalam.

The partnership forged will also allow TP and AETOS to explore further collaborations by jointly curating training programmes, staff exchange initiatives as well as job placement schemes to develop customised courses on security technology and other emerging areas such as the convergence of physical and cyber security that will allow full-time polytechnic and ITE graduates to gain a head start in this sector.

Commenting on the newly forged partnership, Mr Peter Lam, Principal & CEO of TP said, “We are very excited to grow this collaboration by leveraging on AETOS’s operational expertise and capabilities to bring our local brand of education and training overseas. By equipping companies like SPSS with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their security operations, we hope to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the security sector while providing better employability outcomes for all the trainees.”

Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS said, “AETOS is committed to uplifting the security industry in multiple ways, including developing a sustainable pipeline of security professionals. By establishing an agile training ecosystem with industry partners like TP SII, we are well positioned to enable future-ready skills and exciting career pathways for this sector, and bring our benchmarked standards of excellence abroad.”
18 October 2022
AETOS Partners CoNEX Healthcare to Transform Elder Care with PreSAGE® Monitoring Solution
Singapore, 18 October 2022 – Leading unified security solutions provider, AETOS, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CoNEX Healthcare, a Singapore-based healthcare technology enterprise, to jointly deliver an end-to-end non-intrusive monitoring and response solution to enhance eldercare in Singapore.

Through this collaboration, both AETOS and CoNEX will deploy PreSAGE®, a predictive AI-enabled technology platform that enables non-intrusive thermal image-based monitoring for seniors at home. Designed to operate passively in the background, anomalies such as falls can be predicted and detected, generating timely alert notifications via AETOS’ 5G-enabled Integrated Command Centre (ICC). Upon verification of the incident, operators would then mobilise the nearest medically trained AETOS frontline responder to render the needed assistance.

“We take an integrated view of securing a future that is safer for all,” said Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings. “That is why we are going beyond security. Through our partnership with best-in-class partners, like CoNEX, and our work in local communities, we can help empower seniors to age well and live independently. I am confident that our combined solution offering is set to be a game changer that will transform elder care in Singapore and beyond.”

“While PreSAGE® is a key enabler for non-contact and non-intrusive continuous monitoring of seniors at home, collaborating with strategic partners like AETOS and leveraging their round-the-clock monitoring and frontline responder network, will facilitate timely and purposeful interventions should incidents occur. This momentous partnership is set to transform the future of eldercare, enabling more seniors to live in the comfort of their own homes while providing peace of mind for caregivers in their caregiving journey,“ said Ms Tan Swee Yen, CEO of CoNEX Healthcare.
12 September 2022
Expanding Solution Offerings by Tapping AI
Singapore, 12 September 2022 – A freshly inked MOU will enable AETOS Holdings (AETOS) and Azendian Solutions (Azendian) to tap on Machine Learning-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) for expanded solution offerings on AETOS‘ 5G Integrated Command Centre’s unified platform. The MOU for the partnership was signed today by Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS and Bill Lee, Founder and Group MD of Azendian.

Offering unparalleled connectivity to diverse brands and types of equipment, the Azendian Estate solution, when integrated onto the AETOS platform, will enable the rapid adoption of cutting-edge digital 4.0 technologies that apply Machine Learning and AI for greater energy optimisation and savings for customers.

This powerful AI platform leverages on gathered data to support algorithms for fault detection, predictive maintenance and power a machine learning digital twin. It is designed to require almost zero human intervention with fully automated workflows and to run tasks in real-time. The combined capabilities will offer dramatic enhancements to productivity and carbon reduction, thereby also facilitating and realising sustainability goals.

“With the vast amount of data collected daily via our Integrated Command Centre, it is important that meaningful insights can be extracted for our customers. Not only will this help them achieve desired sustainability and operational outcomes, it would enable new business performance through the adoption of digital 4.0 capabilities,” said Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings. “I am glad to have like-minded partners like Azendian on board this journey with us, creating unprecedented value and scaling impact across different industries.”

“It is a happy marriage of strengths. AETOS and Azendian both appreciate the power of AI for a less resource-intensive and gentler solution towards the environment which at the same time, is a powerful accelerator of more sustainable economic activities. Our partnership brings to the market differentiating capabilities which afford users in this fast-changing digital realm an enduring solution that can stand the test of time,” said Bill Lee, Founder and Group MD of Azendian.
07 September 2022
AETOS Partners UnaBiz to Deliver Bespoke IoT Solutions
Singapore, 07 September 2022 – Leading unified security solutions provider, AETOS, has announced a partnership with massive Internet of Things (IoT) service provider, UnaBiz, to jointly design and deliver holistic monitoring solutions for businesses.

From smart security surveillance, remote asset tracking, to integrated and aggregated facilities management – this collaboration will facilitate agile implementation of hardware requirements for building owners, and enable seamless integration of data into AETOS’ 5G Integrated Command Centre’s (ICC) unified platform to maximise performance and efficiency for clients.

UnaBiz has helped AETOS to implement IoT solutions for smart facilities management including indoor air quality, energy, water, ambient, asset monitoring within their headquarters. Data ingested from the multiple subsystems within its buildings island wide is monitored via an AI alert-based automated workflow process in the ICC; which enables the organisation to achieve better security, safety and integrated facilities management outcomes.

“We are excited to join forces with like-minded partners like UnaBiz. Together, we can go beyond for our clients by helping to accelerate their digital transformation and implement innovative use case applications. Through cost-effective, secure and highly scalable IoT digital solutions, the benefits from our unified security solutions are now amplified and can be extended to a wider market in multiple verticals,” said Mr Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS Holdings.

“As with all great partnerships, we believe the key lies in leveraging each other’s core strengths. With UnaBiz’s proven track record in IoT solutions and AETOS’s vast experience and expertise in security and the built environment sector, we are confident that we can collectively help building owners transform existing facilities into buildings which are smarter, safer and more sustainable in Singapore and beyond," said Mr Jonathan Tan, Managing Director of UnaBiz Singapore.
01 September 2022
AETOS Named Champion of Good 2022: Securing a Better, Purpose-Led Future for All
Singapore, 2 September 2022 – The latest list of Champions of Good is out – and AETOS is on it.

For the first time, AETOS Holdings has been recognised as a Champion of Good by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) for being an exemplary force for good, making extraordinary contributions in corporate giving and impacting the lives of many in the community.

An initiative under the NVPC’s Company of Good Programme, Champions of Good recognises organisations that have been an influencer and multiplier by engaging their partners and stakeholders on a collaborative giving journey. A total of 112 companies across different industries were conferred the award this year.

“Being recognised as a Champion of Good underscores AETOS’s commitment to secure our future – not just through our primary business in security, but also by being a force for good. It reinforces our belief of being a catalyst of change, and we will continue rallying like-minded partners to collectively drive sustainable social impact, and to do good together,” said Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings.

As a purpose-driven organisation, AETOS aims to advance equity and opportunity, and play its part in uplifting those among our community who may be underserved. It strongly believes in taking a proactive stance when it comes to making a difference – by advocating safe, thriving and inclusive communities through our core business, corporate giving, employee volunteerism and partnerships.

To date, some of AETOS’ key initiatives include organising numerous employee-led donations and collaboration with charity organisations such as Care Community Services Society (CCSS), Community Chest and Food from the Heart (FFTH) to educate, engage and raise funds for underprivileged beneficiaries through donative drives, fundraising initiatives and sustainability workshops.

"We are grateful to be partnering with AETOS for the past few years! Their faithful support and contribution through active volunteerism and internal fundraising have deeply impacted our beneficiaries. This year, they brought in a vendor to teach our children beneficiaries to grow and harvest edible greens. Such engagements provide our children with valuable life skills and knowledge. We appreciate and thank AETOS for coming on board to support and equip CCSS’s beneficiaries for empowered living,” said Mr Dewin Lee, Executive Director of Care Community Services Society.
22 August 2022
AETOS Enhances Efficiency for its Self-Service Banking Operations with Optimised Route Planning System
Singapore, 22 August 2022 – AETOS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with tiramizoo, a leading tech-provider for urban logistics, to develop a route planning and optimisation system for AETOS’ Self-Service Banking (SSB) Operations.

Together, both companies aim to digitalise current operational processes through the use of advanced algorithms and data intelligence – enabling optimal route mapping with the shortest time needed or distance to cover, while taking into account the various constraints arising in an urban environment.

“Through this partnership with tiramizoo, AETOS will be better positioned to go beyond amid evolving and dynamic operational demands. The digitalisation of such processes is part of our transformation journey, and it helps unlock efficiencies for both AETOS and its clients like never before,” said Lim Kok Hwa, Senior Vice President Operations of AETOS Holdings.

"What used to be done manually for AETOS’ SSB Operations will soon be replaced with a digitised solution; enabling our SSB officers to have enhanced real-time situational awareness over the SSB fleet, and expanded capacity for informed decision making."
20 July 2022
AETOS Wins Contract with RHB Singapore to Provide Cash Replenishment Services
AETOS was recently awarded a contract to perform cash replenishment and ensure smooth operations of offsite ATMs for RHB Singapore.

With effect from 1 August 2022, AETOS will assume responsibility for scheduled and emergency cash replenishment, delivery of balance cassettes, and ensuring the ATMs are kept in optimal working condition for RHB Singapore. This will be achieved through measures such as prompt reporting of security issues, providing security escorts for preventive maintenance teams and basic troubleshooting.

AETOS currently provides an integrated suite of security services – ranging from financial institution protection, consultancy to assets management – to leading players in the local banking industry, including DBS, UOB, UBS and ICBC.

Said Mr Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Customer Success, “Since 2015, we have been a trusted security services partner for financial institutions, and this win provides us a further inroad into the market. We remain committed to consistently exceeding service level requirements for our clients, and helping them to achieve their desired business outcomes”.
05 May 2022
AETOS Awarded at the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers
Singapore, 5 May 2022 – AETOS Holdings was recently awarded at the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers, for organisational efforts to promote mental wellness and a healthy working environment. Organised by Silver Ribbon, a Singapore-based mental health advocacy organisation, AETOS was among 11 organisations to receive the award at the ceremony.

AETOS’ commitment to a healthy working environment comprises initiatives such as the Well-Being Coaches Community - which involves in-house training for a selected group of employees to provide basic counselling techniques and to identify tell-tale indicators of a person in distress. Upon completing the training, these employees will be appointed as Well-Being coaches to better support fellow employees’ well-being and mental wellness. Other initiatives include equipping staff with knowledge on identifying mental health issues through regular webinars.

Said Irene Tan, Vice President of Human Resources, “At AETOS, we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people and we are always looking for improved approaches to uplift our employees. This award win is a testament to the effort of our initiatives in promoting a better workplace for our people.”

Find out more about the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers here!
18 April 2022
AETOS Ranked Among Singapore’s Best Employers 2022
Singapore, 18 April 2022 – AETOS Holdings has been recognised as one of the top 200 companies in “Singapore’s Best Employers 2022”. This marks a significant accomplishment for AETOS as it is not only the first for the organisation, but it is also the only security company to be in this list.

“We believe that recognition is integral to employee engagement, and adopt a multi-pronged, multi-channel approach to ensure that the good work done by our people is visible across the organization,” said Ms Irene Tan, Vice President of Human Resources. “We have a culture where we support one another through expressing encouragement and gratitude, while doing our best to keep spirits high.”

The results are based on the most comprehensive research on employer quality conducted by The Straits Times and Statista, involving over 1,700 companies and 17,000 employees from various industries across Singapore.

Find out more about “Singapore’s Best Employers 2022” and the full ranking on The Straits Times.
16 March 2022
AETOS Launches 5G-Enabled Integrated Command Centre
Singapore, 16 March 2022 – AETOS’ next-generation 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC) – the first of its kind in Singapore – was officially launched today by Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration.

Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D digital twin, the AETOS ICC platform aims to adopt metaverse applications, and will expand the organization’s capabilities beyond security. The implementation includes a visualization of unified operations island-wide on a single dashboard and the collection of data from numerous subsystems - including IoT and M&E systems, sensors, and security cameras island-wide – which is subsequently fed into an AI alert-based automated workflow process. Upon detection of anomalies – such as security breaches, safety issues, or even FM-related incidents like water leaks or lift break-downs – the ICC can effectively assess the situation and activate the nearest appropriate personnel to respond in the shortest possible timeframe.

Operators in the command centre can now effectively spend more time on decision-making and solving issues instead of having to decipher individual datasets. Operations that used to be managed in silos can now be streamlined to provide unified situational awareness, allowing fewer operators to carry out duties that would usually require significantly larger manpower commitments, while maintaining effective response times.

Businesses leveraging the platform will expect to see an improvement in outcome-based performance indicators and an increase of up to 20 per cent overall productivity. For example, by harnessing the capabilities of the digital twin, officers can now perform virtual patrols at multiple locations from the ICC. This allows for improved efficiencies and reduction of manpower needed to physically patrol these areas.

Mr. Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings said, “Launching the AETOS Integrated Command Centre is a pivotal step in our transformation journey to become a leading integrated security service partner. The added capabilities will not only enable the organization to create new value for our clients, it also serves as a commitment to equip our officers with these new digital skills to supercharge their career pathways and benefit from long-term employability.”

The ICC is a collaborative effort between best-in-class technology partners, many of whom are home-grown, working towards a shared vision of accelerating national digital transformation efforts across industries. For example, AETOS’ remote monitoring and data analytics capabilities will be further enhanced by Singtel’s newly-launched Paragon platform which offers high throughput 5G network, MEC, and network slicing capabilities to achieve the low latency required for remote surveillance, enhanced situational awareness and faster decision-making.

“Our partnership with AETOS is part of our ongoing effort to support the digital transformation requirements of the industry. This next-generation 5G ICC clearly demonstrates the transformative power of 5G and MEC to address more than just security needs, such as sustainability or precinct management. In addition to reducing complexity and costs, the platform will help AETOS attain new operational efficiencies and greater business growth and innovation," said Mr. Andrew Lim, Managing Director, Group Enterprise at Singtel.

Other partners who played an integral role in the creation of the ICC include SJi3, Singtel, Secretlab, Huawei, Calsius and D-Ron. Through this new command centre, AETOS will also be going beyond borders and providing critical assistance and remote monitoring services to corporate clients travelling in any part of the world. Called AETOS Assist, the service is part of a recent partnership with Collinson Group and Crisis24 to deliver security, medical and travel risk management services.

Besides monitoring security, safety and FM operations via the advanced platform, the ICC has the capability to help clients track total carbon emissions and real-time efficiency levels. By collecting and monitoring data such as water and energy consumption, CO2/VOC and even vehicle fleet movements, the insights gained can help to effectively monitor their progress against carbon reduction targets – and achieve their long-term sustainability goals.

“As part of our commitment to sustainability, which is also strongly aligned with our parent company, Surbana Jurong Group, we envisage a 50 percent reduction in our carbon footprint by 2030 through monitoring and analytics”, said Mr. Fox. AETOS has spearheaded several green initiatives of its own, such as the adoption of electric vehicles and switching to using sustainable materials to make uniforms and other apparel.
15 February 2022
AETOS, Collinson and Crisis24 Launch ‘AETOS Assist’ – An Integrated Security, Medical and Travel Risk Management Service for Businesses
SINGAPORE, 15 February 2022 – AETOS, Collinson, and Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide ‘AETOS Assist’, an end-to-end integrated security and travel risk management service to businesses. Operating out of a 5G-enabled data-driven Command Centre, AETOS Assist will strengthen Crisis24 and Collinson’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region; enabling organisations to fulfil their duty of care and protect employees in the region and around the world.

Under the agreement, all three companies will harness their combined expertise to provide corporate clients with a complete global risk mitigation service and support, enabling them to effectively assess, mitigate and manage risks amidst the continually evolving threat environment.

From pre-travel risk assessment, real-time security intelligence and people tracking through to crisis management, emergency evacuations and global medical assistance, AETOS Assist will provide specialised support and 24/7/365 peace of mind for business travellers and expatriates. Their medical solution will also include seamless and secure COVID-related travel tests and assistance, to help organisations manage the current pandemic and safeguard workforce health.

“We are excited to join forces with Collinson and Crisis24, both leading experts in the integrated risk management, global traveller, and medical assistance spaces. Enhancing and diversifying our capabilities is part of AETOS’ broader vision to provide integrated security and safety solutions to our clients. This partnership will help AETOS grow its regional footprint, and expand our horizon scanning, threat assessment and response capabilities to mitigate security risks anywhere in the world,” said Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director & CEO of AETOS Holdings.

Francis Chong, Vice President, Collinson Assistance, Asia Pacific, of Collinson said, “As a global leader in the provision of medical and travel risk management solutions, we are delighted to be joining forces with AETOS and further cement our existing partnership with Crisis24. With corporate travel becoming even more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are dedicated to helping companies better protect and support their employees wherever they operate. Additionally, with the new ISO 31030 Standard moving travel risk management onto the C-Suite agenda, this partnership will ensure businesses can safeguard their most valuable assets – their employees.”

Commenting on the partnership, Richard Hancock, Director Consultancy Services APAC, of Crisis24 said, “Crisis24 looks forward to delivering integrated security risk management services and unrivalled customer experience in partnership with AETOS and Collinson. This is the start of a great collaboration with talented teams. Our combined strengths, unique capabilities and innovative technologies provide seamless security, risk management and medical assistance to our clients in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.”
08 February 2022
AETOS wins Enabling Mark (Silver) - working towards greater disability inclusion at the workplace
AETOS Holdings was recently awarded the Enabling Mark (Silver) for organizational efforts to create and promote an inclusive working environment – the first security firm to receive this accreditation. The Enabling Mark is a national-level framework by disability support organization SG Enable that benchmarks and recognizes organizations for best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment.

“Building an Inclusive Society” is one of AETOS’ key pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and their dedicated CSR committee regularly plans initiatives to help raise awareness about persons with disabilities, as well as encourage employee engagement and establish volunteerism as part of their organizational culture. Over the past few years, the committee has worked closely with partners and beneficiaries such as Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, and the Purple Parade, organising fundraisers and encouraging employees to volunteer their time to help support their operations.

At the organizational level, AETOS’ commitment to workplace inclusivity informs policies and processes such as hiring practices. One such example was the redeployment of former frontline officer Hussen Bin Abdul Wahab, who was placed in a redesigned role created for him after he underwent an amputation due to illness, and attended a company-sponsored upskilling course to prepare him for his new duties as an administrative assistant. Workplace modifications were also made to provide him with greater accessibility and ease of navigation, such as installing wheelchair-friendly ramps and reconfiguring his workstation.

Said Alfred Fox, Executive Director/CEO of AETOS Holdings, “We believe that anybody can play a part in safeguarding our communities. AETOS strives to create an inclusive and barrier-free workplace that empowers individuals; where they are able to maximise the use of their abilities and grow together with the organization”.
30 September 2021
AETOS to enhance its security operations with Singtel’s MEC and 5G network
Singapore, 30 September 2021 – Integrated security firm AETOS will be enhancing its security operations by leveraging a 5G network and Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) from Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel). Enterprises looking to roll out business critical use cases that require low latency now have an option in Singtel’s hybrid Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC). AETOS will power its surveillance robots, drones, video analytics with Singtel’s high throughput 5G network, MEC and network slicing to achieve low latency for real-time remote surveillance, enhanced situational awareness and decision-making.

Mr Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS Holdings said, “We are excited to be the first-mover in the security industry to leverage Singtel’s 5G edge cloud platform to augment our suite of integrated solutions. This strategic partnership marks our commitment to being a proactive enabler of innovation, and will help us achieve smarter and more sustainable security outcomes for our clients. We believe that harnessing 5G will unlock breakthrough value in our transformation journey and help accelerate efforts to transform the security industry.”

To achieve high compatibility with as many business critical applications as possible, Singtel has built a hybrid MEC - offering Singtel’s own edge computing solution along with hyper scalar solutions from Amazon Web Services Outpost and Microsoft Azure. This means availability of a wide range of ready to-use, plug-and-play services at the edge to help enterprises rapidly develop and deploy their novel solutions. Additionally, the hybrid MEC is available now on both 4G and 5G network, enabling immediate enterprise trials and commercial deployments in 4G with migration to 5G when the network is available throughout the country. To complete the offering, Singtel also offers on-premise private MEC for enterprises.

Mr Dennis Wong, Vice President, 5G Enterprise and Cloud said, “Enterprises now have the freedom to deploy their business critical use cases confidently and easily without having to worry about optimising latency during roll out. This means being able to use highly mobile devices like drones and autonomous vehicles for business operations, or offer an immersive, hyper-realistic gaming experience with rich graphics and no lag. Applications like these are important first steps, which we hope can have a multiplier effect and that these innovative solutions can be rolled out and applied across industries in the future.”
27 August 2021
AETOS officers deployed in support of US Vice-President’s visit
Over 600 AETOS officers were deployed to provide essential security and safety services during United States Vice-President Kamala Harris’ visit to Singapore. Between 21 and 24 August, auxiliary police officers and security officers carried out vehicle and personnel checks at key sites during the visit, while outriders formed part of the Traffic Police convoys that facilitated traffic and escorted the visitors.

The visit saw a series of bilateral meetings between Singaporean officials and Ms Harris’ delegation, and a joint press conference that announced new areas of cooperation between the countries and shared support for cooperation in the Southeast Asian region.

Said Mr. Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of AETOS Holdings, “We are proud to have contributed to this team effort – working together with close partners such as the Singapore Police Force to ensure that this significant national event proceeded safely and smoothly.
21 June 2021
AETOS Wins Best Women Leadership and Best In-House Candidate Experience Categories in Inaugural Employee Experience Awards
AETOS Holdings clinched two awards at the inaugural Employee Experience Awards, obtaining Gold in the Best Women Leadership Programme category and Bronze in the Best In-House Candidate Experience category respectively.

Hosted by Human Resources Online, Asia’s leading HR platform and read by over 300,000 users each month, the Employee Experience Awards recognizes organisations that have transformed to adopt an employee-centric approach, and have set industry standards in areas such as leadership, learning, and employee engagement. The Awards saw participation by a diverse range of companies across the region, from global MNCs to local enterprises, and were judged by a panel of senior HR professionals.

The Best Women Leadership Programme award celebrates organizations that adopt a collaborative and open approach to women empowerment and leadership, supporting and nurturing female professional talent while striving to become an equal opportunity employer. AETOS recognizes the importance of an inclusive and diverse working environment and has actively worked to increase female representation at the middle and senior management levels.

The Best In-House Candidate Experience award celebrates organizations that delivers a positive and professional experience at all touchpoints for candidates – throughout the application, hiring, and onboarding processes. Our competitive edge stems largely from investment in our people – be it through training, welfare, or development – and it is necessary that the candidate experience is included in this approach, being the starting point of every employee’s journey.

Said Ms. Irene Tan, Vice President of Human Resource, “We are very proud to have received these awards. Our greatest asset has always been our people, and these wins affirm our commitment to them - from empowering and nurturing deserving talent to ensuring our candidates are well taken care of. AETOS will continue to look for new ways to uplift our employees and enhance our overall employee experience.”
04 June 2021
AETOS and DBS to Convert Full Fleet To Electric Vehicles (EVs); Rolls Out Singapore's First Secure Cash Escort EV
AETOS and DBS today announced the launch of Singapore’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) for Cash and Valuables Escort (CVE) services. The two companies have committed to convert the rest of the seven CVE vehicles to EVs by end-2023, and eventually all 42 of the operational vehicles used by the bank by 2026. This in line with the Singapore government’s announced plans to phase out Internal Combustion Engine vehicles and boost the adoption of EVs by 2040.

CVE vehicles are used to transport corporate cash from DBS/POSB’s branches to a cash processing centre. On average, a single CVE vehicle travels more than 170 km daily. Using an EV instead of an internal combustion engine vehicle reduces carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) by up to 47 kg per day – or some 17,100 kg of CO2e a year.

“AETOS is committed to achieving carbon-neutral operations as part of our drive towards sustainability with parent company Surbana Jurong. We strongly believe in working towards safeguarding the environment for future generations. We are glad to collaborate with DBS who supports our long-term goal for sustainability,” said Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director & CEO of AETOS Holdings.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Shee Tse Koon, DBS Singapore Country Head said, “As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we have been encouraging partners within our ecosystem to adopt carbon reduction practices, in addition to lowering our own footprint. We are heartened to be working with a partner like AETOS, who has taken concrete and comprehensive steps towards reducing carbon emissions and who shares our vision for a better, more sustainable future.”

In its drive towards EV adoption, AETOS will be installing charging infrastructure at their various operational bases, starting with the first alternative current (AC) charging station at their West Coast premises. Each station is able to fully charge an electric CVE vehicle in under eight hours.

Supporting a holistic effort towards long-term sustainability, other initiatives implemented by AETOS include tracking and monitoring of its operations’ carbon footprint, rolling out electronic waste collection stations, and developing operational working apparel made from sustainable materials for its frontline officers by 2022.

In addition to working with its partners to reduce carbon emissions, DBS is committed to reducing its own environmental footprint as part of its sustainable development agenda. The bank has set targets for its operational carbon footprint to ensure net zero operational carbon by 2022. DBS is also re-designing its 24/7 self-service branches to be more energy efficient, reducing its office paper consumption and growing its solar energy capture spaces. In April, the bank also launched the DBS Green Solutions package which provides a comprehensive range of offerings and privileges so consumers can easily integrate green practices in their daily lives – from within their homes, to their transportation modes, to their payments and purchases.
02 February 2021
When Vigilance pays off: AETOS Security Supervisor presented with Commissioner of Police Commendation Award
On 1 February 2020, Security Supervisor (SS) Tinakaren A/L Durai Singam was presented the SPF Commissioner of Police Commendation award and AETOS Letter of Commendation for the exceptional vigilance and initiative he displayed during the course of his duties.

SS Tinakaren, 28 years old and with eight years of experience in AETOS under his belt, leads a team of 16 officers during daily operations at FedEx Hub. While on duty in April last year, he noticed a contractor carrying multiple bags leaving the premises by the wrong exit. When SS Tinakaren tried to inform him of the mistake, the contractor turned aggressive. His suspicion was piqued further as the contractor’s pass indicated that he had no reason to be there at that time.

Feeling that something was wrong, SS Tinakaren proactively made the decision to take down the contractor’s particulars. Shortly after, it was brought to his attention that multiple reports about missing and lost items had been made later that day. He quickly put two and two together, and took the initiative to check through hours of CCTV footage. Indeed, he found video evidence of the contractor taking the missing items and quickly brought this incident to the client’s attention, which subsequently led to the contractor in question admitting to the theft of the items.

When asked if he had any advice for officers who found themselves in similar situations, SS Tinakaren said, “It is important to be on the alert for suspicious behaviour, but we also need to be tactful and treat the subject with respect. After all, it would not be right to accuse someone wrongly, especially if there is no evidence yet. Above all, we should be diligent and take on any challenges that come our way.”

“I feel really proud to have received this award, and a bit shy too (laughs). I’m really just trying to do my job as best as I can!”.

Said Mr. Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings, “SS Tinakaren displayed admirable initiative and resourcefulness during the course of his duties, and went above and beyond the scope of his work. He stands as an example that I hope all our officers can emulate, so that we can continue to secure our clients’ premises effectively and with added value.”
22 January 2021
AETOS named DBS’ Most Valued Business Partner for 2020
We are proud to announce that AETOS Security Management has been named DBS’ Most Valued Business Partner for 2020. Part of the inaugural DBS Supplier Excellence Awards, the title recognizes stellar innovation and flexibility in the adaptation of existing services to meet evolving requirements. AETOS was selected to win this award from a pool of 46 nominees, including both international and local suppliers.

Since 2015, AETOS has provided an integrated suite of security services to DBS, ranging from financial institution protection to ATM replenishment and assets management, and consistently met service level requirements. AETOS has also worked closely with the DBS team to co-create effective solutions for meeting shared goals for security, efficiency, and productivity.

For instance, AETOS conceptualized and implemented several upgrades for its Cash-in-Transit vehicle fleet in consultation with DBS, such as improvements to their security and infrastructure capabilities, contributing significantly to overall operational efficiency. The vehicle fleet will also progressively include electric vehicles in the coming years, as part of an organization-wide push towards greater overall sustainability. This adaptability has been demonstrated in our support for a wide range of projects undertaken throughout our close collaborative partnership.

Mr. Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of AETOS Holdings said, “We are extremely honoured to be recognised as the recipient of the inaugural DBS Business Partner of the Year Award. This award validates AETOS’ commitment to meeting or exceeding shared goals with DBS, as well as the adoption of innovative products and processes that not only enhanced security, efficiency, and productivity, but are able to meet the ever-changing needs of the future.”
23 October 2020
AETOS partners local start-up Man’s Best Friend to equip security officers with sustainable performance-wear
AETOS has partnered with Man’s Best Friend (MBF), a Singapore sustainable apparel start-up, to launch a new and sustainable physical training (PT) kit for its trainees. This move will contribute to reducing its carbon footprint by up to 40%, as compared to a traditional cotton-based PT kit.

Using nanotechnology with sustainable materials such as bamboo and 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, a team of student entrepreneurs from Yale-NUS College worked with AETOS to co-create and design high-performance and eco-friendly PT kits that are sweat, stain and water-resistant. This new material will enable AETOS trainees to reach optimal performance, and to train more effectively and comfortably in local climate.

By donning sustainable performance apparel that require less washes, the wearer’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced. For each set of PT kit, one can save up to approximately 40 washes, 4000 liters of water, 3 square meters of savings in cotton crop area, and 11 PET bottles used. This is also equivalent to savings of 5 years’ worth of drinking water and 14kg worth of carbon dioxide emissions.

“We are extremely excited to work with AETOS, with our mutual commitment towards functional sustainability. We hope this can turn into a lasting partnership, where AETOS can empower its stakeholders to transition to more sustainable materials and also adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in the security workspace,” said Mr Johann Wah, CEO and Co-Founder of MBF.

Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings said, “We are pleased to partner this budding group of green entrepreneurs, who have developed sustainable products through the adoption of technology and innovative processes. Being future-ready is about sustainability and these are key thrusts in our transformation plan to become a responsible integrated service provider of the future. We firmly believe that this partnership with MBF, alongside our other sustainability efforts, will help advance industry-leading change towards a low-carbon future.”

In its roadmap for sustainable growth, AETOS aims to expand its series of sustainable clothing by 2022 - rolling out similar operational working tees for officers who are often exposed to harsh weather elements at the frontlines.

As part of a holistic effort towards long term sustainability, AETOS has also implemented other sustainability initiatives, which include tracking and monitoring of its operations’ carbon footprint at management level, launching recycling efforts including electronic waste collection, and creating an in-house vertical hydroponics edible garden. For a start, AETOS has committed to reducing its vehicle carbon footprint, as it progressively works with partners to incorporate electric vehicles as part of its fleet of patrol cars and bikes.

“Sustainability is a necessary mindset moving forward, and no one can do it alone. AETOS is committed to make positive changes in the way we do business, and support national efforts in shaping a better and more sustainable society for future generations,” added Mr. Fox.
24 September 2020
AETOS officers to be upskilled with expanded competencies
In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing witnessed by Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), Mr Ng Chee Meng, and Group Chief Executive Officer of Surbana Jurong Group, Mr Wong Heang Fine, AETOS has committed to work with the Union of Security Employees (USE) to form a Company Training Committee (CTC) aimed at upskilling its security officers by deepening their core skills and diversifying their competencies; with a view to transform the role of a security officer and make security a career of choice.

The CTC will equip AETOS security officers with expanded competencies to complement their security skillsets. Currently, AETOS officers are required to attend digital literacy and customer service WSQ courses, in addition to the basic licensing units. By becoming more digitally-savvy, the officers are better able to utilise technology solutions to enhance their productivity in their daily operations. Another objective of the CTC is to uplift the role of the security officers beyond just “guarding”. Officers will be taught fundamental skills in facilities management and equipped with Company Emergency Response Team knowledge. The former will allow officers to identify and report basic building infrastructure faults, shortening the rectification process by the building management, while the latter will empower them to help control incidents and minimise injuries in the event of an emergency.

With these added competencies, the officers can remain relevant and future-ready, and can provide additional value to the clients in terms of productivity and integrated solutions. Through this partnership, more than 1,000 officers will stand to benefit from better career progression, job prospects and possibly wages in line with their newly-acquired skillsets in the near future.

Aside from being upskilled and gaining expanded competencies, officers can also enjoy a longer career and strengthen their lifelong employability, with AETOS raising the retirement and re-employment age to 65 and 70 respectively from next month, ahead of the national implementation deadline of 2030.

Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings said, “Developing Our People is one of the key thrusts of AETOS’ transformation plan to become an integrated and future-ready service provider. Our employees have always been at the heart of our business and we will ensure that they remain resilient, relevant and prepared for the future. Through this partnership with USE, we are pleased to pledge our commitment to equip our officers with the necessary skills and integrated competencies to help drive changes in the security industry, create new value and productivity for our clients, and help our officers gain an advantage in terms of career prospects and personal development.”

Mr Raymond Chin, General Secretary of the Union of Security Employees said, “USE has been working with the industry towards transforming the security sector. Through the introduction of the Progressive Wage Model in 2014 to the current focus on driving Outcome-based Contracting, our vision is to ensure better work prospects and better wages for our officers. We have studied how countries like Sweden and Australia have been able to make good progress in these areas, and this CTC is our first step with our unionised agency AETOS towards that end.”
05 August 2020
AETOS officers win accolades at Security Officers Day Awards
Fourteen AETOS officers received awards and recognition from the Security Association of Singapore during this year’s Security Officers Day. The Awards were launched in 2014 to recognise outstanding officers who have performed exemplarily in their duties and who have actively adapted to using technology on the job.

Among the recipients is Security Executive Thurkadevi, who was named Security Officer of the Year. Devi was nominated for her role as team leader of the security operations team at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) – one of the largest multi-disciplinary public hospitals in Singapore, and instrumental to the national response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the difficulties they faced, Devi displayed exemplary leadership and pro-activeness as she worked tirelessly to uphold heightened security measures, while making sure that her team was kept well-informed and aware of the evolving situation. She also made the health and well-being of her officers her topmost priority, ensuring that personal protective equipment was readily available and that temperature-taking and social distancing guidelines were adhered to.

Security Supervisor Saiful received the Job Redesign Award for his commitment to self-learning and upskilling, as well as his contributions to work productivity and security outcomes. A strong advocate of upgrading one’s self, Saiful actively motivates his team members to expand their competencies through continuous learning, and leads by example. He is also able to come up with innovative solutions to workplace issues, harnessing technology to reduce inefficiencies and free up manpower for higher value work.

Said Mr. Alvin Tan, General Manager of AETOS Guard Services, “We are glad that our officers are recognized for their hard work and commitment, especially during this challenging period. I am confident that they will continue to excel, and uplift the industry as a whole.
24 June 2020
“AETOS Mobile Division” team places second in PUBG Corporate Championship
Our officers don’t just work hard – they play hard too. A team of Auxiliary Police Officers from Mobile Division came in second place in the Country Qualifiers for the PUBG Mobile PVP Corporate Championship. Hosted by local organisation PVP Esports and sponsored by Singtel, the event was part of a multi-title tournament in Asia-Pacific aimed at levelling up gaming communities across the region. The team will be going on to represent Singapore in the regional finals.

We interviewed some of the team members to find out more.

Congratulations on your win! What inspired you to take part in the tournament?

Rio: Most of us got into PUBG back when it launched in 2018. As we really enjoyed it, we recommended and shared the game among our colleagues, and eventually began playing together while off-duty. Most of us are casual gamers, so when I found about this tournament, it seemed like an opportunity to try something we’d never done before. Since all of us are from Mobile Division, it seemed fitting that we use that as our team name.

What are your roles in the team?

Audi: Mazree was initially supposed to play on the team, but during registration we found out he wasn’t eligible to join as he is already registered with a professional SEA team (Resurgence), so we nominated him as our manager. He coaches and advises us, and his experience really helped find us ways to improve.

Although our team members are quite well-rounded, they all have their own areas of expertise. Rio makes a great scout, while Salleh is good at rushing for our objectives, and Firdaus specializes in certain maps.

I became team leader because apparently I make better mapping predictions (laughs). While I direct the team and make decisions during each match, their input based on their specialties often helps me to see the bigger picture.

It must have been quite challenging to prepare for the tournament. How did you pull it off?

Mazree: It was definitely challenging because we have different deployments and shifts. Audi, Firdaus and myself are in the pursuit team at Woodlands Checkpoint. Salleh is a LTA Traffic Marshall, Firman is a maintenance officer, and Rio does adhoc deployments.

As this is our first tournament together, and we only had a month to practice, we had to make time wherever possible – during break times, after work, and on our off days. We rarely get the full team online at the same time, so it’s really based on whoever is free at the moment.

Salleh: We identified our own strengths and weaknesses and worked to improve where possible. We also came up with strategies for different situations and maps. While we usually have a plan for each match, most of the time we end up improvising and reacting based on the situation we find ourselves in.

Of course, we also have fun while doing it. Juggling work and family commitments can be tough sometimes, and PUBG has been a great way to release stress – we can scold each other in-game too (laughs).

Did your role as Auxiliary Police Officers come in useful at any point?

Rio: Actually, yes. We’re already used to working together as part of a team, while focusing on our individual duties. We have to be able to communicate effectively, and know how to lead by delegating tasks and making decisions. We also develop good reflexes and a strong sense of awareness – for example, our traffic marshals need to constantly be aware of their surroundings, and find good positions to stand so that they have the best possible field of view. These skills are brought into the game as well.

What’s next for the team?

Salleh: We’ll definitely be busy preparing for the regional finals. Playing against teams from other countries will be a good learning experience for us as they often have very different strategies and perspectives. Some of us stream occasionally too. Check out Dondale Gaming on Facebook!

Mazree: It can be tough competing against full-time gamers – if you think you’re good, there are always people way better than you. As a team though, we’re going to persevere and see where this takes us.
08 June 2020
AETOS stands united on the COVID-19 frontlines
As part of Singapore’s ongoing efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, AETOS is doing our part to provide security services for foreign worker dormitories and alternative accommodation facilities. A few hundred AETOS Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) and Security Officers have been deployed at 53 different locations across the island, including Government Quarantine Facilities (GQF), floating hotels under the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), and military camps. As part of our integrated services, AETOS is also supplying technology solutions such as CCTV systems to some of the deployment sites.

In addition to the regular duties such as security patrols and access control, the officers also perform temperature checks, ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to, and escort workers who have tested positive for COVID-19. This is no easy feat as the officers are required to don full personal protective equipment (PPE) - including medical gowns and gloves at some of these deployments - for their entire 12-hour shifts.

Said Sergeant (APF) Syarifuddin, an APO currently deployed at an isolation facility, “Once I put on the attire, I better understood the hardships that healthcare workers face on a daily basis. While it is not easy to wear full PPE under the hot sun, I hope to make a positive impact alongside my fellow AETOS frontliners”.

Mr. Lim Kok Hwa, Vice President of Operations said, “In times of adversity, our actions define who we are and what we are capable of. We are proud that our officers stepped up to the challenge and joined in the national effort to battle this pandemic on the frontlines. To support them, our main priority lies in ensuring our officers’ well-being. With constant supervisory visits and increased measures targeted at maximising their welfare, our officers are able to discharge their duties with confidence and positivity.”
06 May 2020
Operations Manager Zaffar Khan receives Model Worker award from Union of Security Employees
Operations Manager Zaffar Ali Khan recently received the Model Worker award from the Union of Security Employees (USE). The award is conferred on outstanding workers who exemplify Worker 4.0, displaying the traits of being Resilient, Relevant and Ready for the changes brought about by digitalization and disruptive technologies. Crucially, they improve both their jobs and their own employability while contributing to their company and their industry as a whole.

We interviewed him to find out more.

Congratulations on the award! How do you feel?

Honestly, I was very surprised because I was totally unaware that my fellow union officials had nominated me for the award. I am definitely very happy – it’s always nice to receive recognition for your contributions and hard work.

Tell us more about your job scope. What do you do in a typical week in AETOS?

My fellow Operations Managers and I carry out a wide range of duties. We manage manpower deployment, supervise the Security Officers on the ground and fulfill various administrative roles, all while ensuring that the needs and expectations of our clients are being met. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, I supervise ten deployment sites, such as Singapore Cruise Centre and Changi Ferry Terminal.

How about your role in USE?

At the AETOS level, our union members handle matters such as welfare and discipline. We often act as counsellors and advisers for our officers, lending them a listening ear or helping to settle grievances. At the union level, we discuss issues that affect the wider security industry, such as regulations and manpower trends, as well as how to improve it. For example, I was involved in the brainstorming and development of the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the industry. We also attend courses such as leadership and personal development, which are funded by the union.

What does it take to be a ‘Model Worker’? Any tips to share?

When it comes to work, I think that attitude is the game-changer. We should lead by example – especially as we are not just representing ourselves, but the company as well. By building rapport with clients and stakeholders, and being tactful and patient when dealing with issues, we come off as professional and committed to our work. Additionally, a spirit of continuous learning helps a lot. I made it a point to constantly take new courses to upgrade myself, and then pass this knowledge on to new generations of security professionals.

How are you facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation?

As a leader, the wellbeing of my officers is my top priority, and this extends to ensuring their morale remains high during this difficult period. Their twelve-hour shift work is not easy even during normal times, so we need to consider their welfare and how best to support them.

I came from the rank and file, having joined CIAS as a Security Officer almost seventeen years ago, so I can empathize and understand how the men and women on the ground think and feel. One of the most important things is to ensure that my officers know they have the support of their leaders and the management. I make it a point to communicate with them regularly, and go down to the ground to listen to their concerns and feedback in person. Ensuring that their voices are heard

Above all, treat your officers as if they were your family. Whether times are good or bad, a family will get through them together.
31 March 2020
AETOS personnel volunteer to distribute sanitiser under #BYOBclean initiative
As part of the national #BYOBclean initiative, AETOS volunteers have been helping to prepare and distribute hand sanitiser at Plaza Singapura and Funan. In the spirit of “gotong royong”, or cooperation across the community, 28 staff from across the organization were involved across three separate days, dispensing zero alcohol sanitiser to members of the public, who were instructed to “bring your own bottle” for collection.

Launched by Temasek Foundation, #BYOBclean aims to enhance the resilience of the Singapore community and help the general public to stay safe and healthy, while simultaneously supporting the nation’s green drive to reduce waste through reusing and recycling bottles. AETOS stands among 70 other corporations, unions, universities, and community organisations working towards this common goal.

“We are happy to be part of #SGUnited efforts to fight the spread of the virus within our community. Our security officers are battling on the frontlines every single day despite the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am heartened to see them also taking part in this volunteering activity. This is how AETOS makes a difference. Together, I am confident that we can overcome these challenges and look out for one another in times of need,” said Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings.
31 December 2019
AETOS to Deploy First Auxiliary Police K-9 Unit at MBSC 2020
In the upcoming year-end countdown celebration at Marina Bay, AETOS will be complementing the authorities’ heightened security measures by deploying their auxiliary police K-9 unit to help augment security operations and to boost security presence amidst the revelry.

This is the first time that a K-9 unit from an auxiliary police unit has participated in a major national event, and a total of two Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams will be deployed at strategic areas around the Marina Bay.

Said Mr. Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS, “AETOS has been a long-standing security service provider for the annual countdown celebration since 2009. As an integrated security service provider, we are pleased to offer the deployment of our AETOS K-9 unit in addition to our well-trained security personnel as well as other technology solutions, so as to assist the Home Team in achieving operational efficiencies and better security outcomes.”

Through a three-month rigorous training programme, the sniffer dogs have been trained to become capable of detecting explosive substances with much ease. These dogs have also received the Singapore Police Force (SPF) certification back in October 2019, for having achieved the stringent standards as required by SPF.

Today, the AETOS K-9 dogs are operationally ready to assist in major events; clearance searches and bomb sweeps at critical installations and border checkpoints, as well as air cargo screening for the aviation sector.

“We have always placed great importance on the operational readiness of our officers, and now, on our canine colleagues as well, to ensure safety and security during major events such as the MBSC2020. It is therefore crucial that all of them are equipped with the right skillsets and knowledge to swiftly manage and respond to any security threats and incidents when it happens,” said DAC (APF) Tan Chong Hee, Commander of AETOS Auxiliary Police Force.

The AETOS K-9 Unit will be deployed on 31 Dec and the company advises the public to not approach these working dogs to pet them whilst they are on duty.
25 December 2019
Project Bake Smiles spreads festive cheer to underprivileged children
This Christmas, AETOS partnered with Care Community Services Society (CCSS) and Community Chest to bring smiles and festive joy to schoolchildren from low-income and/or single parent families via their inaugural event – ‘Project Bake Smiles’.

Through this three-part fundraising and engagement event, AETOS volunteers grew closer with the children and collectively raised a total of $10,000 for the beneficiary - which will go towards defraying the cost of education for the children, including paying for their school uniforms, textbooks, and school fees.

Over the month of December, AETOS organised a few excursions for the children - the first of which was a fun-filled experience where they got a hands-on opportunity to bake their very own Christmas gingerbread cookies at OUE Downtown Gallery. This was soon followed by another excitement-packed event where the children and volunteers went on a ‘Super Race’ at SuperPark Singapore; a 40,000 sq. ft indoor playground that houses a wide range of games and activities suitable for all ages.

“Everyone should have a chance to enjoy themselves this festive season, regardless of their background. We hope that this small gesture from AETOS will go a long way in uplifting the lives of the children and bring genuine smiles to their faces this Christmas,” said Ms Elaine Ong, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications and Service Quality.
01 November 2019
AETOS and COSEM to Offer Industry-First Integrated Safety and Security Capabilities
AETOS Holdings has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with COSEM Safety & Security Services to offer Singapore’s first integrated safety and security consultancy services. This partnership extends to the provision of customised WSQ training packages for frontline personnel in both safety and security operations.

Through this partnership, AETOS and COSEM will collaborate on three key areas:

1. Provide joint Safety & Security consultancy services both locally and abroad,
2. Develop customised WSQ training packages that equip frontline personnel with both safety and security competencies, and
3. Establish a common framework and guidelines for trained personnel to adhere to during crises and emergencies.

Said Mr. Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS, “We are pleased to embark on this strategic collaboration with COSEM. Their capabilities in safety will take AETOS’ integrated services to another level, complementing both our proven security track record and best-in-class managed services capabilities from our parent company, Surbana Jurong. By leveraging this collective expertise, AETOS can now unlock greater value for our clients through an expanded suite of integrated service offerings consisting of safety, security, and facilities management, among others. Backed by best-in-class technology partners, we see this as the future for integrated value-creation.”

Said Mr. Ng Chee Kiang, Chief Executive Officer of COSEM Safety & Security Services, “We are looking forward to this partnership, which leverages the strengths of COSEM and AETOS in a collective manner. Apart from cost-saving benefits for our clients, we strongly believe that this partnership will help raise our clients’ overall state of emergency readiness and response from a safety and security perspective.”

Working closely with COSEM, AETOS is set on becoming the first integrated service provider to offer end-to-end fire safety inspections, enforcement and monitoring services. These services will not be solely manpower-based, but also focused on cost-effective systems-level enterprise solutions which will help reduce manpower and bring added value to their clients and partners.

“AETOS and COSEM are committed to equipping our people with the relevant skillsets. While innovative technologies are often harnessed to achieve greater productivity, we believe that our people ultimately make the critical difference in our operations. By broadening their expertise, knowledge, and real-time decision-making in safety, security, and facilities management, we enable our clients to better achieve their desired business outcomes,” added Mr. Fox and Mr. Ng.

AETOS and COSEM will co-develop the training programme by Q1 2020.
03 September 2019
AETOS and TRD Singapore Collaborate to Provide Counter Unmanned Aircraft System Services
Singapore, 03 September 2019 – AETOS has signed a Teaming Agreement with TRD Singapore, a global CUAS equipment manufacturer and solution supplier, to collaboratively provide Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) services as a safeguard against the threat of malicious drones.

With these added capabilities, AETOS will be the first in Singapore to provide a full-suite of end-to-end Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services. The full spectrum of operations ranges from security and aerial surveillance, to built environment and safety inspections, and CUAS services.

Mr Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS, said, “AETOS strongly believes in the selection of best-in-class and future-ready technologies that would strengthen our ops-tech capabilities and meet our clients’ specific needs. Through this partnership with TRD, AETOS aims to enhance its suite of security solutions, and to also complement the authorities in their efforts to enhance public safety and deal with security threats posed by unauthorised drones.”

Under the agreement, AETOS officers will undergo rigorous training by TRD Singapore to become CUAS-proficient and operationally ready to support the authorities in various deployments, such as the protection of critical infrastructure and major public events.

Mr Sam Ong, Managing Director of TRD Singapore, said, “Countering the threats caused by errant drones is becoming an increasing concern for security forces worldwide. By leveraging on our tested and proven home-grown CUAS solution, AETOS can now effectively detect drones and even locate its operators. Appropriate measures could then be taken.”
22 July 2019
Protecting our environment at Jurong Lake Gardens
Spirits were high today at Jurong Lake Gardens as the AETOS senior management team, corporate employees, and trainees alike volunteered at Jurong Lake Gardens to help keep the area litter-free.

As part of a renewed focus on corporate social responsibility, this project is one of several geared towards environmental protection. Under this new initiative, in partnership with the National Parks Board, volunteers from across AETOS will come together once a month to help ensure the cleanliness of the park.

In a brief speech to the assembled volunteers, Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, said, “At the heart of volunteering lies a sense of civic-mindedness and the desire to give back to society. We want our people to internalize these values and uphold them during the course of their work each day. This is #AETOS Strong – when our efforts towards safety and security go beyond our clients and responsibilities, and are extended towards the communities we live in as well.”

AETOS strongly believes that reducing our environmental impact is important to the continued effectiveness and sustainability of our business.
05 July 2019
Over 700 promoted at annual Promotion and Long Service Award Ceremony
The atmosphere was joyous at AETOS Complex last Friday at the annual Promotion and Long Service Award Ceremony. More than 700 personnel were promoted, including Auxiliary Police Officers, Security Officers, and corporate staff, while over 130 personnel received Long Service Awards.

The annual promotion exercise is part of AETOS’ ongoing efforts to reward and recognise employees for their performance and dedication, as well as identify and develop those who have demonstrated potential to eventually take on greater leadership roles in the organisation.

The promotees for this year include Sergeant Murugan, who has previously received the Police Commissioner Award, as well as multiple other commendations during his time with AETOS. While he excels at his current vocation – managing the Cash-in-Transit vehicle fleet and logistics - SGT (APF) Murugan has also made it a point to diversify his skillsets. Today, he is both a certified shooting range instructor and a trainer for Self-Service Banking operations, coordinating and conducting training for the officers in his division.

Security Supervisor Devi, currently deployed at Tan Tock Seng Hospital as a team leader of 18 Security Officers, was also in good spirits as she received her certificate of promotion. Aside from her core security duties, she has deftly handled a diverse range of responsibilities, including rostering, preparing security reports, and participating in meetings with hospital management. Said Devi, “I’m thankful that I am recognised for the work that I do, and look forward to taking on new roles at AETOS.”

Addressing those present, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alfred Fox, emphasised the need for officers to be equipped with the right competencies and skills to handle any difficulties they might face during the course of their duties. To that end, AETOS will be rolling out several training and development initiatives, including leadership programmes spearheaded by AETOS Training Academy.

The hard work and dedication of our long-serving officers was also highlighted during the ceremony. Officers such as Corporal Sumanthy Pillai, who received an award for 35 years of service, have played an integral role as mentors and role models to countless officers during AETOS’ development. Their professionalism and excellence have set high standards for subsequent generations of officers.

“People will always remain as our greatest asset. AETOS is committed to invest in our people – this is where our success starts,” said Mr Fox.
17 June 2019
AETOS stands vigilant at the Shangri-La Dialogue
AETOS was the event security service provider for the Singapore Police Force at the recent Shangri-La Dialogue, hosted by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS). From 31 May to 2 June, over 350 Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) and 80 Security Officers (SOs) carried out security screening, access control, and traffic management duties at and around the vicinity of the hotel.

Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said “We are pleased to work together again with the Police as the preferred security partner for the Shangri-La Dialogue. The presence of our officers on the ground assures that this significant event can proceed smoothly.”

Initiated in 2002, the Shangri-La Dialogue is a multilateral Asian security forum aimed at fostering defence diplomacy and regional security cooperation. The summit typically hosts ministers, heads of state, and top-ranking defence officials from across Southeast Asia and beyond. Notably, this year’s Dialogue marked the first time since 2011 that a Chinese defence chief has been present.
12 June 2019
AETOS obtains ISO37001 Certification on Anti-Bribery Management Systems
AETOS is the first security and safety service provider in Singapore to obtain the Singapore Standard (SS) ISO 37001 certification for meeting globally recognised anti-bribery good practices.

The ISO 37001 is the first international anti-bribery management system standard designed to help organizations combat bribery risk in their own operations and throughout their global value chains. To obtain the certification, the organisation must implement a series of measures and controls that cover all aspects of an organisation, including top management leadership, commitment and responsibility; financial, procurement and contractual controls; anti-bribery policy, procedures and training; third-party risk assessments and due diligence; reporting, monitoring and investigation procedures.

Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings, said, “Integrity forms the foundation of our core values and it defines the way we do business in any part of the world. Working closely with key partners such as Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF), AETOS has always enforced a zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption. Being the first security company in Singapore to be certified ISO 37001 compliant is a testament of our commitment to uphold a high standard of corporate governance. Our clients and partners will also have greater confidence when they work with us.”
01 June 2019
AETOS cashes in on new First Line Maintenance business
AETOS has won a contract to provide First Line Maintenance (FLM) services for Diebold Nixdorf (Diebold). Since its commencement on March 7, a team of FLM engineers has been responsible for servicing a total of 212 DBS Diebold-ATMs located in the North zone of Singapore. Since then, AETOS has expanded its FLM coverage to include the East zone from May 15; effectively covering 50% of DBS Diebold-ATM network in Singapore.

AETOS FLM engineers will carry out duties such as routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and solving software-related issues in order to eliminate any potential disruption of ATM services stemming from technical issues. Starting June, their deployment will also be enhanced through the use of i-Scheduler – a custom-made software solution developed in partnership with GRG Banking – an industry-first. The system is able to plan deployments faster and more efficiently via advanced algorithms, factoring in variables such as real-time road conditions, duty rosters, and existing maintenance tickets workload. The team will also don EagleGold body-worn cameras for added security and transparency throughout the course of their duties.

“We believe in harnessing technology solutions, such as the i-Scheduler, to achieve optimal deployment of manpower resources and value-add to the services we provide for our clients,” said Mr. Kelvin Ho, General Manager of AETOS Assets Management. “Together with our proven track record in cash-in-transit and self-service banking operations, the FLM business will open up new avenues for partnerships with banks and ATM providers.”
27 March 2019
AETOS Leadership Transitions
AETOS announced key appointment changes with effect from 1 April 2019.

Retirement of Mr Quek Poh Huat as Board Chairman

With effect from 30 April 2019, Mr Quek Poh Huat will retire from his position as Chairman of AETOS and will be succeeded by Mr. Chiang Chie Foo.

Mr Quek had played an integral role in the formation of AETOS in 2004, bringing together three experienced and matured Auxiliary Police Forces: PSA, ST Kinetics, and Changi International Airport Services. Over the next 15 years since its formation, Mr Quek capably helmed the Board of Directors and had provided excellent guidance to the AETOS management team. With a single-minded focus to grow the business well, AETOS is today a leading security and safety solutions provider in Singapore.

Mr Chiang has many years of experience in public service, having held several key government appointments including Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Education, and Director of Internal Security, Ministry of Home Affairs. He currently chairs the Public Utilities Board, Central Provident Fund and Ascendas India Trust.

Stepping Down of Mr James Tan, Chief Executive Officer, AETOS

Mr. James Tan will step down from his position as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of AETOS on 15 April 2019, but he will continue to serve as a senior advisor to parent company Surbana Jurong.

Since Mr James Tan was appointed as AETOS’ CEO in 2011, the company has seen double-digit growth year-on-year, as well as an increase in its workforce from 2,200 officers to over 5,000 officers today. Under Mr Tan’s leadership, AETOS expanded its services to include a diverse range of new offerings, such as security for signature events, technology solutions, cash-in-transit and assets management, and safety consultancy. Mr Tan was also instrumental in the development of AETOS’ very own headquarters, equipped with innovative technologies and facilities to support the enhancement of AETOS’ training and operational capabilities.

With effect from 1 April 2019, Mr Alfred Fox has been appointed as CEO-designate. He will take over as the new CEO of AETOS from 16 April 2019. Prior to his current role as Director for Surbana Jurong (SJ) Defence Services, Mr Fox has served as the former Commander of the 3rd Singapore Division in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), leading 20,000 servicemen. His experience in overseeing critical manpower issues for talent recruitment, retention and development as Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel), will be an asset in solving the key manpower challenges in the security industry. Mr. Fox has also been deployed overseas in Cambodia and Afghanistan to enhance security and defence cooperation.
31 December 2018
AETOS Awarded Contact Centre Contract for 1777 Non-Emergency Ambulance Hotline
AETOS has been appointed by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as the Contact Centre Operator for the ‘1777’ non-emergency ambulance hotline. From 12 noon on 31 December 2018, trained AETOS call agents will answer calls for cases which require non-emergency ambulances.

Mr. Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said, “This service will form part of our centralised AETOS Command Centre operations, which conducts round-the-clock remote monitoring and access control for our clients’ facilities, as well as island-wide monitoring of our own personnel and vehicle fleet.”

“I am confident that with our expertise and the right systems in place, AETOS will enable seamless referrals and prompt response to non-emergency calls made to the hotline,” added Mr. Koh.

The Contact Centre is one of several new services provided by AETOS as part of its plans to expand into new business areas, such as safety and integrated facilities management services.

For SCDF Emergency Medical Services, please call 995 directly.
14 September 2018
AETOS gears up for F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2018
AETOS provided event security for the 11th Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, having provided security for this major tourist event since its inception. More than 500 Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) and 130 Security Officers (SOs) will be deployed each day, carrying out duties such as conducting security checks and maintaining public order.

This year’s race also marks the first time our officers will provide additional crowd control and traffic management duties for the Land Transport Authority. Approximately 80 APOs will be stationed near key transport infrastructure, including MRT stations, taxi stands, and shuttle bus points.

In terms of innovative technology, enhanced vehicle management systems, integral to the operation of AETOS’ cash-in-transit vehicle fleet, will be installed for the first time in certain vehicles serving the area. With access control, geofencing, and remote immobilization capabilities, this additional safety measure will reduce the likelihood of vehicle-based threats.

Launched in 2008, the Singapore Grand Prix was the inaugural night race and the first Asian street circuit for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. An expected 73,000 fans and tourists will descend on the Marina Bay Street Circuit each day for the races, as well as concerts featuring international headliners including Jay Chou, The Killers and Martin Garrix.
28 August 2018
NFEC Fire Safety Seminar 2018
The National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) held its annual Fire Safety Seminar at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre on 21st August. Over a thousand participants took part in the seminar, which included presentations, workshops and a panel discussion. Notably, the event featured the launch of the SCDF 2018 Fire Code, presided over by guest of honour Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development, Ms Sun Xueling and Singapore Civil Defence Force Commissioner Eric Yap.

AETOS Chief Operating Officer Mr Jackson Lim also gave a presentation on the use of visual technologies for enhancing frontline response to emergencies during the seminar. He emphasized the usefulness of video analytics-based systems when dealing with fires, given their ability to provide visual confirmation and real-time verification.

Our AETOS personnel were present at the exhibition hall to promote our Intelligent Fire Detection System (IFDS), which uses video analytics and image processing technology to detect fires at their incipient stages. Easily integrated into any existing CCTV infrastructure and designed to complement traditional systems such as smoke and heat detectors, the IFDS is classified as a video image fire detection system by the SCDF. Such systems have been made compulsory for certain types of unmanned buildings in a new provision in the Fire Code.

Click here to find out more about the IFDS.
24 August 2018
We are Singapore: AETOS at National Day Parade 2018
Our officers were out in full force at this year’s National Day Parade. More than 850 Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) and Security Officers (SOs) stood alongside the throngs of people at Marina Bay, performing key duties such as security screening, traffic enforcement, and crowd control.

2018 marks a milestone for AETOS as it is our first year as sole security provider for this major event. This achievement resonates with many of the officers that were on the ground that day, including LCP (APF) Sendhil Kumar, who had been present at two previous years’ parades . Having been an APO for almost a decade, Sendhil has accumulated a wealth of experience in event security and has been part of countless deployments – yet, the National Day Parade has always stood out to him because of the national spirit on display. To him, a united society is something to be admired: “If the people are united, they are like a strong pillar – the country will have better stability.”

For LCP (APF) Thana Raj, it is the safety and security of Singapore that stands out to him. While he recognizes the strength and resilience that helped establish our nation, he is also keenly aware that these qualities will remain essential in overcoming the challenges and adversities faced by the men and women entrusted with keeping the peace. “Working as an auxiliary police officer helps to make sure that Singapore stays safe – I am just proud to do my part”.

This year’s parade and ceremony had many highlights, thrilling the crowds – among them, a freefall water jump by the Naval Combat Divers, the return of the Combined Schools Choir, and the largest combined Military Tattoo performance since the parade moved to its current location at the Floating Platform. Security Officer Annie Chua loves the atmosphere, finding being a part of the National Day celebrations truly enjoyable. “While we must stay constantly vigilant as it's a very important day, I'm also excited to be here and to play a part in making our National Day Parade a successful and safe event.”
24 May 2018
AETOS Secures Major Hospital Project
AETOS has been awarded a contract to supply security manpower services at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Among the factors that contributed towards securing this project were price competitiveness and positive reference checks from AETOS’ existing clients in the healthcare sector, such as the Institute of Mental Health.

Said Mr. Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “Moving forward, we hope that this project and the associated downstream opportunities will help establish AETOS as the key security service provider for the healthcare industry”.

The project will last for a duration of 24 months with the option to extend for another 24 months. Under the partnership, AETOS’ Auxiliary Police Officers and Security Officers will carry out various duties, such as access control, visitor management and the enforcement of regulations within the hospital.
03 May 2018
AETOS secures Marina Bay Singapore Countdown project for the ninth consecutive year
AETOS Holdings has once again secured the contract to provide armed security services for the annual Marina Bay Singapore Countdown (MBSC) – the nation’s largest and grandest New Year’s Eve celebration.

AETOS’ involvement in this iconic event began when it was first engaged by The Esplanade Co. in 2009. The current Event Organiser, Pico Pro, has chosen to continue with AETOS – a decision attributed in part to stellar performance over previous years’ countdowns and a proven track record in providing event-related security solutions.

Held around Marina Bay and the surrounding precinct, the MBSC typically comprises a wide range of events and festivities and attracts more than 300,000 visitors annually. The highlights of this year’s programme include visual displays of building projection mapping sequence and a fireworks showcase. An estimated 600 Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) will be deployed across the district, performing duties such as crowd management and traffic enforcement.

Mr Patrick Koh, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, of AETOS Holdings, said: “We are proud to continue being a part of this significant national celebration. Moving forward, I am confident that AETOS will remain the preferred security partner for the MBSC and other prominent events to come”.
03 May 2018
AETOS’ Soaring Success at Singapore Airshow 2018
Our AETOS Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) and Security Officers (SOs) were deployed at this year’s Singapore Airshow, contributing to the overall safety and security of the event. More than 180 APOs and 16 SOs were deployed for this large-scale event between 6 and 11 February, carrying out duties such as crowd control, traffic enforcement and incident response.

The Singapore Airshow is Asia’s largest aerospace and defence event, attended by a wide variety of commercial, government and military delegations. Held biennially at the Changi Exhibition Centre, it typically hosts conferences, dialogues and seminars that explore pressing issues concerning the global aerospace community and showcase the next-generation and disruptive technology.

The Airshow also draws large crowds of visitors and tourists with exhibitions of all types of aircraft and military technology. Aerobatic flying displays regularly enthrall spectators, with teams from many different air forces participating each year – this year’s line-up included contingents from the United States Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Jupiter Aerobatic Team from the Indonesian Air Force.

2018 marks the fourth consecutive time that AETOS has been appointed as this event’s security service provider. We look forward to a continued partnership with Experia Events for the next Singapore Airshow in 2020.
06 April 2018
AETOS gives back to society
AETOS was one of several “Principal Enterprises” that received an award at the Singapore Children’s Society (SCS) Annual Appreciation Dinner on Friday, March 16 for its contribution to 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need. A corporate social responsibility initiative that encourages businesses to adopt SCS as their official charity, it successfully raised $2.51 million last year.

Established in 1952, the Singapore Children’s Society protects and nurtures children and youth, and its services have evolved to meet their changing needs over the years. Today, it operates 11 service centres island-wide, supporting an estimated 65,000 children, youth, and families.

The Singapore Children’s Society is one of several charities that AETOS supports as part of its commitment to not only protect, but also actively contribute to society.
05 March 2018
AETOS celebrates official opening of new complex
AETOS Holdings has opened its first purpose-built complex, situated minutes down the AYE highway from its former headquarters in the western part of Singapore.

The building was declared open in an official ceremony on 26 January, graced by Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Manpower and Home Affairs, Josephine Teo. The event was attended by over 200 guests, including government officials, clients and partners.

The seven-storey complex has several key facilities, including AETOS’ first shooting range – a 25-metre indoor range which was designed and built by SMM.

It also has a new Cash Processing Centre that provides a complete end-to-end chain of financial security services, boasting numerous physical security measures such as multiple interlocking access doors, custom-made transparent workstations and extensive 24/7 CCTV coverage.

The innovative safety and security technologies that AETOS offers to its clients have been incorporated into this complex, such as an Intelligent Fire Detection System, virtual fencing through video analytics, and automated security terminals for seamless access control.

Monitored from its in-house command centre, these features are part of the clustered building security service provided to its clients, integrating security, safety and facilities management to increase operational efficiency and reduce reliance on manpower.

Under the upcoming government-led Security Industry Transformation Map, key initiatives include the adoption of technology and the re-alignment of the regulatory environment in its support. In her opening address, Minister Teo noted that “the appropriate use of technology to carry out routine, labour-intensive tasks allows the security officer to focus on tasks that are more complex or require human judgement, such as incident response”.

To this end, AETOS is fully committed to the adoption of such technologies, leading the shift in the overall industry as it strives to meet changing security needs and manpower constraints.
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