For any organization to stay future-ready, it is critical to have systems in place that could not only address today’s needs but also capable of meeting the evolving challenges of tomorrow. AETOS is here to help.

From ideation to ops implementation, AETOS can help you cut through the clutter. Partnering best-in-class tech partners, AETOS is well-positioned to put together an effective mix of technologies that best fit your needs; giving you the unified outcomes and insights you require.

Next-Generation Integrated Command Centre

Go beyond security and unlock value like never before

Breaking down operational silos

Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D Digital Twin environment, our 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC) visualizes and unifies real-time operations across Singapore on a single dashboard to improve security, safety, facilities management and sustainability tracking. The ICC’s agnostic platform, which can reside on the cloud or on site - is capable of ingesting data from unlimited subsystems – ranging from CCTV systems, IoT sensors, and data sources island-wide – and running it through an AI alert-based automated workflow process.

24/7 unified remote monitoring capabilities

The ICC forms the foundation of your comprehensive security solution. Leveraging outcome-driven digital twins and alert-based automated workflow processes, the ICC empowers assets owners and operators with data-driven insights; enabling unified situational awareness, better asset performance optimisation and faster response to specific security breaches, as well as safety and FM-related incidents.

Get the full picture.
Do more with your systems.
Bring operations to life.
Quick response made possible.

Achieve enhanced situational awareness and operational efficiencies by collating all events into one location. AETOS offers remote monitoring via a suite of smart IoT sensors, access control solutions, perimeter intrusion detection systems, abnormality recognition video analytics solution, and many more effective technology solutions that could deliver operational and security insights about your secured areas – leading to more informed decisions and improved operations.

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