From Security Officer to Auxiliary Police Officer: A Journey of Growth
Leading with Impact
Committing Over Half a Century to Security
Embracing Change with Resilience and Confidence
Igniting Love In Service
Passion to Serve, Dedication to Protect
Frontline Commitment to Training Excellence
The Extraordinary Duo: Twin Sisters Make a Powerful Team
Serving With a Purpose
Never Take Security For Granted
Taking Care of Those InSecurities
When There’s a Will, There’s Always a Way
Two AETOS officers emerge as winners at SJ Group Global Awards for stellar work during COVID pandemic
Celebrating SG Women
Securing A Future Together
Finding Strength in Unity to Combat COVID-19
Standing Ready To Do The Right Thing
Love is in the Air(Show)
Protection Excellence
Achievement Unlocked!
Stepping Into a World of Difference
Dedicated Protectors
Are You Daring Enough?
Nothing is Impossible
Team AETOS: Sharp Eyes and Sharper Wits
Going Above & Beyond
Eagle-Eyed Response
First AETOS K-9 deployment ✔
Work Hard, Work Sincerely
A Career for Life
Fathers in the Force
A Second Family
Recipe of Success
Brothers in Arms
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