Team AETOS: Sharp Eyes and Sharper Wits

SO Abdullah was carrying out access control duties at the exit driveway of his deployment site when he observed discrepancies on the gate passes presented by an employee. Something seemed off; there were slight, but noticeable differences between the signatures of authorization, and some of the details filled out seemed inaccurate or vague. He decided to escalate the matter and raised his suspicions with the APO on duty, Senior Staff Sergeant (APF) Asogan Pakkiam.

As SSSGT Asogan scrutinized the passes, he confirmed that there were slight differences between the signatures on each pass, even though they were purportedly belonged to the same person. Moreover, the ink used for the pass details and the signatures appeared to be identical. He decided to conduct a cross-check with a list of authorized staff signatures and his suspicions were heightened further as there were indeed noticeable differences between the signatures.

SSSGT Asogan immediately notified the client. An investigation was carried out, revealing that the signatures on the passes were forged – especially concerning as the authorization was for the movement of logistics out of the site. The officers were commended for their vigilance and professionalism on duty by the client.

SO Abdullah’s and SSSGT Asogan’s meticulousness and diligence helped to avert a potentially problematic situation at their deployment site. Their sharp eyes – and sharper wits – are mirrored across the island, as the officers of Team AETOS work together to safeguard the myriad locations they are deployed to protect.

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