Our purpose drives us to do what we do best every day – leveraging our security expertise and decades of know-how to protect and keep our clients, communities, and the people around us safe from harm. We go beyond expectations to secure our future - turning belief into positive impact by building a diverse workforce, harnessing innovative technologies and going further with our partners with a collaborative mindset.
Established in 2004 following the merger of three key Auxiliary Police Forces, AETOS has grown to become a leading unified security and safety solutions provider with more than 70 years of experience in securing Singapore’s key maritime, aviation and infrastructure installations - and we’re just getting started.
Years of Experience
Skilled Security Professionals
Clients trust us
2004 – 2006
  • Founded in 2004 with the strategic merger of three key Auxiliary Police Forces – PSA Corporation (PSA) (1947), Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) (1967) and Changi International Airport Services (CIAS) (1981)
  • Established AETOS Security Training Consultancy to expand training capacity and capabilities
2007 – 2012
2013 – 2017
2018 – 2021
2022 - PRESENT
our values
Our values define who we are; and they are the beliefs that connect everyone at AETOS – to our colleagues, customers and everyone else whom we are committed to protect. They are the actions that we embody to deliver our purpose and enable our success.
going fast
Acting swiftly and decisively during our operations and to meet our clients’ needs. Being the first to move and first to respond to opportunities and threats alike.
Going Together
Thinking, communicating, and acting collaboratively, by harnessing our individual strengths and working as a team with a singular purpose
Going Beyond
Inspiring others with our capabilities, tenacity, and boldness. Acting as a force for good and making a difference in everything that we do.
About Surbana Jurong Group
Surbana Jurong Group is a global urban, infrastructure and managed services consulting firm, with over 70 years of track record in successful project delivery. Headquartered in Singapore, the group has a global talent pool of over 16,000 across Surbana Jurong and our member companies AETOS, Atelier Ten, B+H, KTP, Prostruct, RBG, SAA, Sino-Sun and SMEC, based in more than 120 offices in over 40 countries. They include architects, designers, planners, engineers and other specialists driven by progressive thinking and creative ideas to shape a better future.
Our technical experts deliver sustainable solutions that cover the entire project life cycle from planning and design, through to delivery and management, as well as decommissioning and closure. We provide a full suite of multidisciplinary consultancy services across a diverse range of sectors including aviation, healthcare, hospitality, transport, energy, water and the environment.
Surbana Jurong has built more than a million homes in Singapore, created master plans in more than 30 countries and developed over 100 industrial parks globally. Our tag line “Building Cities, Shaping Lives” expresses how every project or undertaking is, for the Group, an opportunity to fulfil aspirations and enrich lives. By designing and delivering quality housing, work spaces, roads, rail, hydropower, dams, underground and coastal protections and other critical infrastructure needed by our clients, we are redefining cities and transforming them into sustainable and liveable spaces where communities and businesses, present and future, can thrive.
For more information, please visit: www.surbanajurong.com.
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