Two AETOS officers emerge as winners at SJ Group Global Awards for stellar work during COVID pandemic

Two exceptional members of the AETOS Family were recognized during the SJ Group Global Awards 2020 for their dedication and effort over the past year. Under the Awards – established to celebrate the achievements of notable projects and outstanding employees across the Group – Security Supervisor Thurkadevi A/P Nanda Gopal was named co-winner of SJ Promising Professional of the Year (Female), while Inspector (APF) Musa Bin Mohammed Yusof was co-winner of the SJ Values Award.

We interviewed them to find out more.

Security Supervisor Thurkadevi A/P Nanda Gopal
SJ Promising Professional of the Year (Female) – Co-Winner





SS Thurkadevi displayed exemplary leadership qualities during her stint leading the security operations team at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. While being deployed in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 was challenging for both her and her officers, she rallied her team, ensuring they were kept aware of the evolving situation and that their wellbeing and safety was taken care of.

How do you feel about winning this award? 

I'm truly honoured to receive this award and I really appreciate that my hard work has been recognised. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to my bosses and colleagues in AETOS who have supported me all the way, and given me the opportunity to lead. This award would not be possible to achieve without my team.

How did you handle the challenges posed by the pandemic?

My officers definitely had worries about working on the frontlines, but I managed to gain their confidence by making sure their safety and welfare was taken care of. My team adhered to safe distancing and preventive measures, especially when interacting with members of the public. I also ensured that they had sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE), and sent them for courses on how to use them properly and effectively.

As the situation kept evolving, I made it a point to keep myself updated on the latest developments so that I could pass the information down to my team – this definitely helped to boost their confidence and reduce uncertainty. We were quite a close-knit team, so we motivated each other to keep going.

Any words of motivation for your colleagues? 

Be positive and keep an open mind.  There are plenty of opportunities to prove your capabilities, take them when you get them.

INSP (APF) Musa Bin Mohammed Yusof, Officer Commanding (Sector A3)
SJ Values Award – Co-Winner

INSP (APF) Musa was recognised for his efforts to support the officers under his charge throughout the crisis. During the MCO lockdown, he went out of his way to reach out to affected officers, making sure that their lodging arrangements were taken care of and that morale remained high across his deployments.

How do you feel about winning this award? 

I am extremely honoured and thankful as I am certain that there were many deserving and capable candidates. This would not have been possible without my seniors and colleagues, who give me the strength to challenge myself and perform better at each stage, and for whom I have the deepest respect. I would like to sincerely thank Commander Tan Chong Hee, DSP Habhajan, INSP Adam, and my supervisors and officers, and I dedicate this award to them as a symbol of our collective effort and achievement.

How did you handle the challenges posed by the pandemic? 

When cross-border travel between Malaysia and Singapore halted in March 2020, our Malaysian officers were worried that they would not be able to go home for some time. It was heart-breaking to witness them having to make do with talking to their families and loved ones on their phones. I thought to myself, “What if I was in their shoes?”. I would have felt the same way too.

Whether they were here by choice or circumstances, I was aware of the magnitude of their sacrifice, and I promised myself I would do whatever I could to make them feel appreciated and valued. After all, we are all part of the AETOS family. I tried my best to put smiles back on their faces through spending time with them, motivating them and assuring them that we are in this situation together.
After all, “to command is to serve - nothing more, and nothing less.”

Any words of motivation for your colleagues? 

All of you - without a doubt - are the most important asset to this company. We are lucky to have such dedicated officers. I appreciate the camaraderie and support that you have given me during this challenging period. All of us are leaders in one way or another; so I encourage every single one of you to keep thinking as a leader.

Let’s work towards organizational excellence together, and make sure we provide trust, empathy, and moral support to those who need it during these challenging times.

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