Serving With a Purpose

Since young, INSP (APF) Cyrus Tan Kai Wei has always set his heart to serve the country and make a positive impact in the community. We had a quick chat with him to find out more about what drives him to go above and beyond in keeping Singapore safe and secure as an Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) at AETOS.

Hi Cyrus! Tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone! I am Inspector Cyrus, and I am currently a Senior Auxiliary Police Officer in AETOS’ Delta Division. As the primary focus of this division is on operational duties relating to prisons, you can probably guess what my colleagues and I mainly handle here.

I have been in AETOS for three years and I am happy to share that it has been an incredibly rewarding experience thus far. Not only do I get to do what I love, but I also have had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. One of the things that I am particularly proud of is the hard work and dedication, as that has helped me to reach where I am today.

As a team leader, part of my responsibilities include arranging the officers' schedules and conducting briefing every morning to ensure that my team members are well-prepared before their deployment. I also work closely with supervisors on the ground to ensure that our team's performance meets the expected standards and identify areas for improvement wherever necessary.

What inspired you to pursue a career with AETOS?

I’ve always had a strong desire to serve the country and keep our society safe. Upon completing my university studies, I decided to pursue a career with AETOS as an APO as it was a meaningful way for me to fulfill my calling.

What would you be doing if you're not working with AETOS now?

As I majored in Finance back in university and many of my friends are also in the banking industry, I would most probably be in this field if I hadn't joined AETOS.

Share with us how your career journey has been.

My journey in AETOS has been one that is filled with challenges, growth and opportunities. Being an APO involves carrying out a wide range of tasks. When I first joined as a junior officer, I was posted to my first deployment in the vehicle patrol team securing Singapore’s borders.

Back then, as I was relatively new in the security industry, I proactively sought clarification and ensured that I understood the duties I was performing. Along the way, I also met many dedicated officers whose high level of commitment in safeguarding the country and community inspired me to do my best every day.

Last year, I was promoted to Inspector rank and I am immensely grateful for this opportunity to be entrusted with higher responsibilities. I’m glad that AETOS offers career progression and I am determined to achieve my full potential here.

What is one of your biggest motivations at work?

One of my biggest motivations here are my colleagues whom I treat very closely like a family. There is a sense of camaraderie in the team and that makes work more enjoyable. Every now and then, we celebrate each other’s achievements together and keep everyone’s spirits up.

Knowing that I am part of a team that supports and cares for one another makes my work each day even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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