A Second Family

28-year-old Senior Security Officer (SSO) Jason Yak always had an idea of what he was looking for in a job – a stable income, not being desk-bound, and most of all, the opportunity to prove himself and his capabilities. After trying a multitude of jobs in different industries, a chance internet search introduced him to AETOS.

Now, as the team leader for security officers at Mediacorp, he hasn’t looked back since.

Being a security officer was nowhere as easy as Jason initially believed – his friends even told him that it would be relaxing. “I guess I had the impression that they just sat there and “jaga” the building. Totally not true!” he said.

He quickly discovered that aside from the technical know-how, a wide range of skills are necessary to carry out the daily duties of a security officer. These range from being able to identify prohibited items and profile suspicious individuals, to having the flexibility to respond to different types of situations. Certain soft skills, such as being able to handle members of the public, proved to be equally useful. While Jason’s family encouraged him to try out the security industry as they felt it would suit his “fierce” personality, it was quite challenging to rein in his temper at first.

“I’ve toned down a lot in terms of short-temperedness since I joined, and I make it a point to think twice before I act. Being courteous but firm is the key here.”

Jason’s initial impressions of the job somewhat mirror wider public perceptions of the security industry. Three years later, he sees the role of security officers in a very different light. “Some people still think that this is more of a retirement job. If it was true before, it no longer is – many of our clients expect us to be physically fit, presentable, and able to learn quickly. For example, we must have basic computer skills to use visitor management systems or CCTV camera systems. There is really a lot more to it than just sitting around.”

In 2017, Jason was promoted to Senior Security Officer in light of the numerous client commendations that he received during his deployment at Mediacorp, quickly followed by his appointment as Team Leader there. He took his newfound responsibilities in his stride, learning how to juggle them alongside his existing duties.

“I was pleasantly surprised to be recognized for my work as I was just carrying out my duties like everyone else. Sometimes I do more than what is expected because I just want everything to go smoothly. As a leader, I feel that it is very important to manage your men well and look after their welfare – that way, they will feel supported and most likely will perform better.”

To Jason, job satisfaction ultimately comes from stability and being recognized for one’s work. Aiming to land a supervisory role in the near future, he believes in going the extra mile in whatever he does.

“Not only have I found the career I was looking for, I have also gained a second family here at AETOS. I truly enjoy what I do here.”

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