Igniting Love In Service

They say two is better than one, but what is it really like to pursue a similar law enforcement role as your better half? This Valentine’s Day, we get up close and personal with AETOS Auxiliary Police Officers and newlyweds, SGT (APF) Ong Wei Min Kelvin and SGT (APF) Ng Jia Yie. Read more to learn their shared passion for serving and protecting our community, which ignited their love story.


Hi Kelvin and Jia Yie, tell us about yourselves and how your love story began!

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: Hi everyone! We are SGT (APF) Jia Yie and SGT (APF) Kelvin, currently serving as Auxiliary Police Officers in AETOS Security Management. I've been a part of the AETOS family for a rewarding 12 years and am stationed at one of the main Singapore Police Force (SPF) headquarters. My husband, Kelvin, initially joined AETOS in 2021 and took a brief hiatus to explore another field before ultimately returning a few months ago. Currently, he is stationed at another key police installation.

SGT (APF) Kelvin: Our story began in 2015 when I was fulfilling my national service under SPF, and Jia Yie was stationed there under AETOS. I enjoyed teasing Jia Yie during our morning encounters at work, particularly when she brought breakfast. One day, she surprised me with an extra serving and it was this thoughtful gesture that sparked a connection between us. Our relationship blossomed from there, and we tied the knot a few months ago. Our wedding was even more special as we combined it with my brother’s wedding, which also coincided with my parents' 34th wedding anniversary!


How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

SGT (APF) Kelvin: This Valentine's Day, we're thinking of exploring new cuisines together. As the designated planner in our relationship, I enjoy creating special plans and surprises for Jia Yie. I won't give away too much; after all, a bit of mystery adds to the excitement!

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: Kelvin has a knack for planning memorable moments and I eagerly await his surprises, even when he pretends there's nothing in store. It's these unexpected gestures that make every celebration special.


What inspired both of you to join AETOS and can you tell us more about your careers as Auxiliary Police Officers together?

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: While I didn't directly recruit Kelvin to join AETOS, I shared about the stability and perks of my role. After seeing my career growth over 12 years, Kelvin was eager to explore a career with AETOS as well, and now we're both committed to building our future here and achieving our goals, including buying our house.

SGT (APF) Kelvin: Jia Yie's long service in AETOS signals a great working environment which is important in  making work enjoyable and providing a conducive space for me to pursue my career goal of reaching a senior officer position. At our respective stations, we are on standby to assist SPF in arrest cases within specific locations. This involves verifying personal details, understanding the committed crime, and deciding on transportation logistics. We also lead teams of officers, overseeing the arrest procedures and ensuring seamless coordination to the highest standards in law enforcement.


What traits do you admire in each other? 

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: I greatly admire Kelvin's sense of humour, leadership and resilience. His jokes bring joy to our relationship as well as his natural ability to take the lead through challenges in our relationship.

SGT (APF) Kelvin: Jia Yie's kindness and easy-going nature complement my sense of humour, making our relationship harmonious and fulfilling.  


How challenging has it been balancing family and work commitments?

SGT (APF) Kelvin: Jia Yie often leaves for her shift earlier than I do but we are grateful that our schedules usually align, allowing us to reunite after work and dedicate at least one full day together each week.

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: Looking ahead, we anticipate that balancing work and family commitments may become more demanding, especially when we have children, but we are prepared to face those challenges together.


How do you support each other in your roles, both emotionally and professionally?

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: Being in the same line of work has its advantages. We have a deep understanding of each other's schedules and the demands of our jobs, which enables us to offer the right support at the right times. I’m grateful for Kelvin's unwavering support, he’s always there to lift my spirits when I need it most.

SGT (APF) Kelvin: That is true. There’s no need for lengthy explanations when one of us is extra busy or experiencing a tough day, we simply understand and adapt accordingly. 


Can you share any memorable experiences you've faced together at AETOS?

SGT (APF) Kelvin: A memorable experience shared was perhaps when Jia Yie was on official duty at my deployment site. Our colleagues would playfully tease me, saying, "Your wife is here again to keep us busy." I also vividly remember the first time I saw her armed during work hours after being newly posted. There was a distinct aura about her, a sense of confidence and authority, that was quite striking compared to when she was in civilian attire.

SGT (APF) Jia Yie: Indeed, it is these light-hearted moments that make the challenges of our roles more enjoyable and memorable.


Any advice for other couples in similarly demanding professions?

SGT (APF) Jia Yie and SGT (APF) Kelvin: Communicate openly, support each other unconditionally, prioritise quality time, and remember to laugh together amidst the challenges!


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