Passion to Serve, Dedication to Protect

As a proud recipient of multiple awards in his career at AETOS, Senior Security Officer (SSO) Arman Bin Husin stands out for his extraordinary dedication to his work. We had a quick chat with him to explore his journey as a Senior Security Officer, and his fervent passion to maintain a safe and secure environment for all.


Hi Arman! Tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! I am Arman Bin Husin and I am currently serving as a Senior Security Officer at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, and I have been with AETOS for the past 5 years.

I started my career safeguarding government sites, including the Ministry of National Development (MND) and the State Courts. However, my longest and most impactful stint has been at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel for the past four years, as it required me to navigate the challenges in ensuring everyone’s safety and security amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


What inspired you to pursue a career with AETOS?

Drawing on my background as an Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) in another organisation previously, my decision to join AETOS stems from my passion to serve and protect others. Not only has becoming an SSO allowed me to realise my passion, but it also aligned better with my family commitments.

I was able to apply the skills and experience I gained as an APO in my current role, such as staying vigilant and responding quickly to incidents. At the same time, I have also picked up new skills including people management, first aid and fire emergency response—thanks to training and upskilling opportunities provided by AETOS.  As I progress in my career, I am glad to be able to leverage my existing strengths while honing my skill sets.


What are the awards you have received and how do you feel about receiving them?

I have had the privilege of receiving multiple recognitions, including the most recent Far East Hospitality – Hall of Excellence Award 2023. Last year, I was awarded the Security Association Singapore (SAS) - Outstanding Security Officer Award and the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) Bravery Certificate of Commendation. In 2021, I was also recognised with the SHA Vigilance Award.

While I am unable to pinpoint specific incidents that led to these awards, I believe it is the consistent delivery of exemplary service and maintaining of good rapport with clients that contributed to these recognitions. It is certainly gratifying to be acknowledged for my efforts. But while I appreciate these awards, they are in fact secondary to my main responsibility - which is simply to serve and protect. Recognised or not, I am committed to carrying out my duties with a sincere heart.


Share some unforgettable incidents that have happened during your time at AETOS!

Well, there is one particular incident that is still etched in my mind. Last year, I detected via CCTV that an elderly man had collapsed at the hotel carpark. Immediately, I rushed over to perform first aid and called for help.

Shortly after, he was taken to the hospital. After the incident, both the elderly man and the client expressed their gratitude, which made me feel that my actions had really made a difference and had real impact.

Working on the frontlines at the start of the pandemic was also both challenging and memorable. I was responsible for ensuring that all hotel guests, including members of the public (MOP) and high-profile visitors, adhered to safety protocols such as wearing of masks and observing stringent safe distancing measures. This experience significantly heightened my sense of vigilance and it really showed how important our roles are!


What keeps you motivated?

The positive feedback and appreciation from our clients and MOPs are a constant reminder of the impact that we security professionals can make, and lends meaning to the work that I do.

The cohesive and supportive work environment at AETOS has also helped to keep me motivated.


Any words of advice?

Embrace challenges as opportunities to grow! And remember that progress is often found just beyond your comfort zone.

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