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A Force For Good

As we observe Police Day this year, we interviewed some of our employees previously from the Singapore Police Force to find out how their time there has shaped them and helped them continue to contribute to the security industry today. Here are their stories.

INSP (APF) Chua Yue Zhen
Officer-in-Charge, K9 Unit

I was a K9 handler in the Singapore Police Force for 8 years. It was a role I enjoyed due to my passion for working with animals, and I handled a wide range of dogs trained to carry out different specialised roles, ranging from security dogs to explosives and narcotics detection dogs. I even got to take part in joint operations with Gurkhas during the search for Mas Selamat – dashing through the jungle with my K9 partner was quite an experience!

I eventually joined AETOS a few years after retiring from the Force as I realised I still wanted to work in a uniformed organisation, and the security line has quite good job security *laughs*. It was just my luck that AETOS begun preparations to set up their own K9 unit shortly after I commenced duty, and I immediately volunteered for it.

My background and years of experience allowed me to contribute much to the unit’s formation. Having already gone through my own difficult learning curve, it was much easier to train our new handlers and get them up to speed. We were able to reach operational readiness in quite a short period of time and have since supported major national events such as the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown. I hope we can keep up this momentum and expand our unit to take on a wider range of deployments!

Rohaidah Selamat
Law Trainer

I was in the Force for about 28 years, during which I took on a wide range of roles and duties – I was a mobile squad officer, an operator with the Traffic Police, and a member of the Woman Task Force (SOC).

Much happened during my time there. Just after I graduated from the Police Academy in March 1986, my very first deployment took place when Hotel New World collapsed. Being new and raw, I really had to pull up my socks and draw on my training to handle the situation. Later, while I was carrying out escort duties during a high-profile court case, I was able to see the legal proceedings. This subsequently ignited an interest in investigation, and I spent 14 years as an Investigation Officer before retiring in 2013 with the rank of Station inspector.

I never thought that I would one day become a trainer. An ex-cop friend of mine put the idea in my head, suggesting that I had plenty of experiences to share and that I should try my hand at teaching. Today, I am a law trainer with AETOS Training Academy. The world is changing rapidly, so there are bound to be many new challenges ahead. I make it a point to share all that I have learned from my various deployments across SPF with my trainees, hoping that my first-hand experience and acquired knowledge will help them become more mentally prepared for duty.

Henry Cheng
Vice President, Integrated Solutions

I served in the Police Force for 15 years, where my last posting was Senior Trainer in the Weapons Wing of the Special Operations Command. I had many memorable experiences during my time with SPF – one that really stands out is a three-day, two-night live operation searching for pirates on a nearby island. It was interesting to see almost every Police unit and some SAF units working together to comb the island.

The opportunity to try and develop something new brought me here to AETOS, where I currently lead Technology and Consultancy groups. We explore the development of new business opportunities and how to expand our role in the security industry, and I am very excited to be able to break new ground.

SPF has taught me that values and teamwork are important, and this is something that is close to my heart. My colleagues have also taught me to keep an open mind and be willing to explore new things; this has helped me to be always able to look for new and fresh perspectives on issues that I deal with. My past experience also serves as a reminder that every member of a team has their own strengths and can contribute in their own ways. With trust and teamwork, we can put AETOS in a better position to face any new challenges that come our way.