Going Above & Beyond

Despite being posted to his new deployment site for merely a few months, CPL (APF) Liew Yung Vun has already earned numerous commendations from both our clients & members-of-public (MOPs) for his exemplary performance and customer service. We sat down with CPL (APF) Liew - who shared details of his protection duties for financial institutions - to find out more about how he goes the extra mile in the course of his work.

Congratulations for receiving multiple commendations from both clients and members of public! Can you share your secret with us?

Honestly, there is no secret... perhaps it was the rigorous training I went through before I became an AETOS Auxiliary Police Officer certified to perform protection duties for a major financial institution. The course taught me how to deal with a wide range of situations while working in a bank and how to better interact with customers; the latter really helped me to provide better customer service as well. 

During my work, I do try to make full use of my time there by helping out as much as possible. Whether it's a customer or one of the bank staff who requires my assistance, I treat them all as equally important and I will help out as long as it is within my means, and does not compromise my primary duty of keeping the bank safe and secure.

How do you feel about receiving the commendations?

It is definitely a pleasant surprise whenever my team leader shares the compliments with me. It feels good to be appreciated, and I am very thankful to the clients and MOPs who took the time to write in to compliment my service. Knowing that people are grateful for my contribution motivates me to work harder.

Are there any memorable incidents that happened during work?

Just this year, there was a male customer who collapsed while withdrawing money, and he looked like he was having a seizure. With the help of a few other bank staff, we brought him to a place out of the public eye, and I called for the ambulance. Subsequently, I was informed that the MOP recovered quickly. In situations like this, it is critical that we respond quickly and put in our best effort to help someone who is in need... for every little contribution can help make a difference.

Why did you choose to join AETOS?

Having served in the Army, I was always interested in being part of a uniformed organization. When I chanced upon an AETOS recruitment advertisement for Auxiliary Police Officers four years ago, I immediately went for the interview and was hired! I even managed to convince my younger brother to join AETOS as well! 

One go-to tip when working?

We should be positive and respectful to everyone - not only in work but also in our everyday life. This mentality can only then be reflected in our actions and help in delivering excellence for our customers.


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