Eagle-Eyed Response

Despite having been with AETOS for only three months, Senior Security Officer (SSO) Foo Sey Poh, 68, has already displayed exemplary performance and a keen pair of eyes, recently helping a hotel guest at Oasia Hotel Novena to retrieve a missing mobile phone.

After the distraught guest reported the loss of his phone to hotel management, SSO Sey Poh stepped up to the task and took painstaking effort to review all of the CCTV footage from that day. After much scrutiny, SSO Sey Poh spotted that the mobile phone had fallen behind a computer monitor at the front desk. Immediately, he reported his findings to the duty manager and the phone was returned to the guest.

“I didn’t do much, really. I did what I could to assist the hotel duty manager and the guest in retrieving the mobile phone,” said SSO Foo. “I believe the phone was very important to the guest, especially with all the contacts and personal data stored on it… I’m glad that the guest did not have his stay experience ruined because of this incident.”

A former serviceman with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), a career in security appealed to SSO Sey Poh after his retirement as he found similarities between the two organisations. To him, discipline and responsibility are very important values that are inculcated in a team - enabling them to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

SSO Sey Poh added, “I feel that this incident is all in a day’s work and it is our pleasure to go the extra mile to deliver excellence. We’re like a family here, helping one another out during the course of our duties. I feel that since we are all part of the same team, the credit for a job well done should go to everyone." :)

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