AETOS Awarded at the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers
Singapore, 5 May 2022 – AETOS Holdings was recently awarded at the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers, for organisational efforts to promote mental wellness and a healthy working environment. Organised by Silver Ribbon, a Singapore-based mental health advocacy organisation, AETOS was among 11 organisations to receive the award at the ceremony.

AETOS’ commitment to a healthy working environment comprises initiatives such as the Well-Being Coaches Community - which involves in-house training for a selected group of employees to provide basic counselling techniques and to identify tell-tale indicators of a person in distress. Upon completing the training, these employees will be appointed as Well-Being coaches to better support fellow employees’ well-being and mental wellness. Other initiatives include equipping staff with knowledge on identifying mental health issues through regular webinars.

Said Irene Tan, Vice President of Human Resources, “At AETOS, we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people and we are always looking for improved approaches to uplift our employees. This award win is a testament to the effort of our initiatives in promoting a better workplace for our people.”

Find out more about the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers here!
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22 August 2022
AETOS Enhances Efficiency for its Self-Service Banking Operations with Optimised Route Planning System
Singapore, 22 August 2022 – AETOS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with tiramizoo, a leading tech-provider for urban logistics, to develop a route planning and optimisation system for AETOS’ Self-Service Banking (SSB) Operations.

Together, both companies aim to digitalise current operational processes through the use of advanced algorithms and data intelligence – enabling optimal route mapping with the shortest time needed or distance to cover, while taking into account the various constraints arising in an urban environment.

“Through this partnership with tiramizoo, AETOS will be better positioned to go beyond amid evolving and dynamic operational demands. The digitalisation of such processes is part of our transformation journey, and it helps unlock efficiencies for both AETOS and its clients like never before,” said Lim Kok Hwa, Senior Vice President Operations of AETOS Holdings.

"What used to be done manually for AETOS’ SSB Operations will soon be replaced with a digitised solution; enabling our SSB officers to have enhanced real-time situational awareness over the SSB fleet, and expanded capacity for informed decision making."
20 July 2022
AETOS Wins Contract with RHB Singapore to Provide Cash Replenishment Services
AETOS was recently awarded a contract to perform cash replenishment and ensure smooth operations of offsite ATMs for RHB Singapore.

With effect from 1 August 2022, AETOS will assume responsibility for scheduled and emergency cash replenishment, delivery of balance cassettes, and ensuring the ATMs are kept in optimal working condition for RHB Singapore. This will be achieved through measures such as prompt reporting of security issues, providing security escorts for preventive maintenance teams and basic troubleshooting.

AETOS currently provides an integrated suite of security services – ranging from financial institution protection, consultancy to assets management – to leading players in the local banking industry, including DBS, UOB, UBS and ICBC.

Said Mr Patrick Koh, Vice President of Sales & Customer Success, “Since 2015, we have been a trusted security services partner for financial institutions, and this win provides us a further inroad into the market. We remain committed to consistently exceeding service level requirements for our clients, and helping them to achieve their desired business outcomes”.
18 April 2022
AETOS Ranked Among Singapore’s Best Employers 2022
Singapore, 18 April 2022 – AETOS Holdings has been recognised as one of the top 200 companies in “Singapore’s Best Employers 2022”. This marks a significant accomplishment for AETOS as it is not only the first for the organisation, but it is also the only security company to be in this list.

“We believe that recognition is integral to employee engagement, and adopt a multi-pronged, multi-channel approach to ensure that the good work done by our people is visible across the organization,” said Ms Irene Tan, Vice President of Human Resources. “We have a culture where we support one another through expressing encouragement and gratitude, while doing our best to keep spirits high.”

The results are based on the most comprehensive research on employer quality conducted by The Straits Times and Statista, involving over 1,700 companies and 17,000 employees from various industries across Singapore.

Find out more about “Singapore’s Best Employers 2022” and the full ranking on The Straits Times.
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