AETOS X Agape Conducts Training for Female Inmates

Part of its impact outreach efforts, AETOS has partnered social enterprise Agape Connecting People, to jointly conduct a two-day WSQ course on “Adapt to Change with an Outward Mindset” for inmates in Institution A4, Singapore’s only women’s prison. 

The specially curated workshop equipped the ladies with the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to change, as well as learning tools to give them the ability and confidence to overcome the challenges they would face upon release. During the course, there were interactive activities and group discussions, which helped them to better understand and apply the concepts covered. 

“This partnership with Agape enabled us to empower individuals to reach their full potential, and transform lives for the better. It is our belief that such skills-based volunteering can create a positive impact in the communities that we serve,” said Vincent Soh, Vice President of Integrated Training.

“Agape has always worked collaboratively and never accomplished anything alone. Thank you to Alfred, AETOS CEO, and team, for dedicating your time, attention, and love to the daughters of Agape,” said Anil David, Founder of Agape Connecting People.

AETOS is committed to its Corporate Purpose of making a difference in the lives of others and securing our future, and will continue its outreach programmes with like-minded partners by conducting similar courses in other institutions.

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