Work Hard, Work Sincerely

Staff Sergeant Hirman is no stranger to teaching, having been a trainer for eleven out of his sixteen years in AETOS. Back in 2008, he transferred to AETOS Training Academy due to an increased need for training instructors, as well as the desire to learn something new.

Currently the officer-in-charge of teaching Police Defence Tactics, he also conducts drill lessons, firing practice, and assessments. To Hirman, the core tenet behind training is to prepare trainee officers for active service. While instilling discipline, skills training, and classroom learning are all essential parts of the training program, learning from personal experience is equally important. Where possible, the trainers impart the knowledge they gained from real situations and challenges to the recruits.

“By sharing the lessons we learnt on duty, we can give them a better picture of what to expect on the ground so their exposure goes beyond book learning and they are better prepared for their eventual deployment.”

Hirman acknowledges that there have been plenty of challenges during his time at AETOS Training Academy. Initially, the huge influx of recruits during AETOS’ early years meant that there was a disparity in the ratio between trainers and trainees. Those without previous experience in a uniformed organization also sometimes experienced a degree of “culture shock” due to lack of exposure to the regimentation inherent in this line of work. Hirman and his colleagues often went out of their way to mentor them, ensuring that they adapted sufficiently in preparation for a uniformed career. While these challenges tested them significantly, they were made easier due to the friendships and easy camaraderie among his fellow trainers – from sharing ideas and working collaboratively to bonding over the shared difficulties they encountered.

Aside from work, Hirman is also an avid fan of music – both listening and performing. He is currently a percussionist in the AETOS corporate band, formed in 2014 to provide entertainment for a wide variety of events, such as celebrations of festivals, the National Day Observance Ceremony, and corporate dinners. On occasion, they have even lent their support to external events. To Hirman, his role there is just another part of his job, albeit one he enjoys immensely.

“Our performances and practice sessions are a great way to release stress and unwind. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to do what I enjoy as part of my work.”

If there’s one piece of advice that Hirman could give to trainees or potential recruits, it’s that there are plenty of opportunities in a uniformed organization like AETOS. The ethos that helped him and his colleagues shape generation after generation of officers applies just as easily to those developing their careers.
“Work hard. Work sincerely.”


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