Dedicated Protectors

Well-mannered, cheerful and confident. These adjectives were certainly not what one would have used to describe PC (APF) Daniel Peh before he started NS in 2007.

“I was once a rebellious gold-haired paikia who only knew how to get into fights. I even ponteng some of my ‘O’-level exams, simply because I didn’t feel like it,” says PC (APF) Daniel, laughing.

As he did not have a full ‘O’-level certificate, he took on odd jobs at various supermarkets and fast-food outlets. However, the jobs lasted for only a month or so, as he often got fired for arriving late for work or for not turning up at all.

“It was only when my parents started ignoring me that I realised that my actions had really disappointed my loved ones,” says PC (APF) Daniel. “I decided that I needed to turn my life around and enlisted myself in the army earlier, at 17 years old. NS was a life-changing experience as it not only built confidence but also instilled the value of discipline in me.”

Passion for Helping Others

In 2014, he met a friend, an AETOS Auxiliary Police Officer (APO), at the immigration checkpoint. After hearing about his interest in a uniformed career, his friend advised PC (APF) Daniel to consider AETOS as a career choice. Today, he celebrates two years with AETOS, the longest job that he has ever held.

“AETOS is committed to protecting both lives and property. We are often the first and last lines of defence for our borders,” says PC (APF) Daniel proudly. “My current role as a traffic marshal means that I attend to accidents on all major expressways. Despite the dangers of the job, I find it very meaningful and fulfilling when I get a chance to render assistance to those in need.

“AETOS offers me the job stability that I need. Including allowances, I usually take home more than $3,000. With this regular income, I hope to further my studies in business management and to take up more responsibilities in the organisation in the future. I’m glad that I’ve finally found something worthwhile to do.”


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