AETOS Partners ACCORD to Strengthen Support for NS and National Defence
Singapore, 30 October 2023 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD), Employer and Business (E&B) Council, established by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). As the first public-private partnership for ACCORD, this collaboration serves to not only strengthen national defence but also empower Singaporeans to further accelerate their careers in the sector post-National Service.

Through this strategic partnership, both organisations will jointly accredit full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) under the ambit of the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) security courses, and enhance the security capabilities of Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) and NS Mark (Gold) accredited entities. Beyond core security modules, AETOS will offer a wide range of courses to further uplift individuals’ skill sets, including first aid, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilot training and certification, and WSQ Adapt to Change with an Outward Mindset for Frontliners among others.

“At AETOS, we understand the vital role that NSmen and NSFs play in safeguarding our nation’s security. Our collaboration with ACCORD underscores our commitment to help elevate the expertise of our NSmen and NSFs by aligning their security competencies and skill sets with industry standards. Beyond simply offering specialised security training, this strategic partnership reflects our commitment to empowering fellow Singaporeans to upskill and reskill, ensuring a seamless transition into the security sector and continued employment after NS,” said Mr. Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS. “Together, we are equipping them with in-demand, relevant skills that will not only advance their professional growth but also enhance their employability in the long run.”

“The ACCORD (E&B) Council is MINDEF/SAF’s strategic partner to engender the employers and businesses’ support and advocacy for National Service (NS) and our NSmen. To enhance our NSmen’s employability, MINDEF/SAF has collaborated with ACCORD (E&B) Council to offer opportunities for NSmen to acquire skills to stay relevant in the workplace. On behalf of MINDEF/SAF, I would like to thank AETOS for their commitment to support the professional development of our NSmen. Going forward, MINDEF/SAF will continue to leverage on ACCORD (E&B) Council to explore other collaborative opportunities to enhance our NSmen’s employability and relevance in the future workplace,“ said BG(NS) Kenneth Liow, Director National Service Affairs, Head ACCORD (E&B) Council Secretariat.
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23 February 2024
AETOS Partners HMI Institute to Elevate Medical and Healthcare Education
Singapore, 22 February 2024 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading private healthcare education provider, HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI Institute), to empower professionals and contribute to enhanced community well-being through bespoke medical and healthcare training programmes.

Through this strategic collaboration, ATA and HMI Institute will jointly offer a range of safety courses, including first aid, emergency response, and caregiver training. This combined effort underscores both organisations’ dedication in helping companies upskill their employees while improving the quality of care for communities.

“By combining our emergency response and training expertise with HMI Institute’s wealth of experience in healthcare education, we aim to not only enhance our capacity in delivering quality healthcare training but also expand our focus to include preventive care. This is particularly crucial in the context of our evolving silver landscape and in support of the Healthier SG initiative,” said Mr. Vincent Soh, Vice President of Integrated Training, AETOS Training Academy.

“We are excited about our partnership with ATA, aimed at empowering professionals and community members with essential first response and healthcare education. This collaboration will enhance access to essential training, thus reinforcing our local safety net with a wider network of medically-trained employees. At the heart of our efforts, this initiative amplifies our commitment to building a healthier society together,” said Mr. Lee Mun Choon, General Manager of HMI Institute.
18 November 2023
AETOS Clinched Seven Awards at the Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) 2023
18 November 2023 - AETOS has once again demonstrated its leadership in the security industry by securing seven awards at the Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) 2023. The award categories include Best Security Agencies (Close Protection), Best Security Agencies (Commercial), Best Security Agencies (Events Management), Best Security Consultancy Firms, Best Security Training Organisations, Best Security Management Platform Providers, and the prestigious Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award.

Organised by the Security Association Singapore, Accounting Professionals and Asgardian Labs, this outstanding achievement highlights AETOS’ commitment and continuous efforts to stay ahead as an agile leader in the security industry.

“Being acknowledged as a trailblazer and a leading solutions provider in the industry is truly an honour. Since day one, we have been committed to Securing Our Future. We are actively establishing new standards through advanced ops-tech integration, while fostering a multi-skilled workforce. This win not only reflects our commitment but also fuels our motivation to continuously innovate and achieve extraordinary outcomes that will surpass expectations,” said Lim Kok Hwa, Senior Vice President of Operations.
13 October 2023
AETOS Partners Apollo Global Academy to Enhance Training Programmes
Singapore, 13 October 2023 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has signed a strategic teaming agreement with Apollo Global Academy (AGA), a leading security system engineering training provider in Singapore, to jointly enhance both academies' training programmes to boost the skill sets of security professionals.

Through this partnership, ATA and AGA will co-develop and offer a range of courses, such as Integrated Command Centre Training for Operators, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot Training and Certification, and Integrated Security and Facilities Visual Inspection. This collaboration aligns with AETOS’ commitment to create dynamic career pathways and enable long-term employability in the sector.

“We are excited to join forces with Apollo Global Academy. By pooling our resources together and tapping into AGA’s proficiency in security systems training, we can collectively offer in-demand courses for security professionals who are keen to upskill or reskill themselves; setting new benchmarks for the industry,” said Vincent Soh, Vice President of Integrated Training, AETOS Training Academy.

"Leveraging AETOS’ extensive experience in physical security and integrated training, we are confident of enhancing both academies' calibre of courses. In an era where security technology is a critical shield that safeguards us in an increasingly interconnected world, we aspire to nurture a tech-savvy and future-ready workforce that will be ready to take on evolving industry demands,” said Andrea Siow, Director of Apollo Global Academy.
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