AETOS wins Enabling Mark (Silver) - working towards greater disability inclusion at the workplace
AETOS Holdings was recently awarded the Enabling Mark (Silver) for organizational efforts to create and promote an inclusive working environment – the first security firm to receive this accreditation. The Enabling Mark is a national-level framework by disability support organization SG Enable that benchmarks and recognizes organizations for best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment.

“Building an Inclusive Society” is one of AETOS’ key pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and their dedicated CSR committee regularly plans initiatives to help raise awareness about persons with disabilities, as well as encourage employee engagement and establish volunteerism as part of their organizational culture. Over the past few years, the committee has worked closely with partners and beneficiaries such as Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, and the Purple Parade, organising fundraisers and encouraging employees to volunteer their time to help support their operations.

At the organizational level, AETOS’ commitment to workplace inclusivity informs policies and processes such as hiring practices. One such example was the redeployment of former frontline officer Hussen Bin Abdul Wahab, who was placed in a redesigned role created for him after he underwent an amputation due to illness, and attended a company-sponsored upskilling course to prepare him for his new duties as an administrative assistant. Workplace modifications were also made to provide him with greater accessibility and ease of navigation, such as installing wheelchair-friendly ramps and reconfiguring his workstation.

Said Alfred Fox, Executive Director/CEO of AETOS Holdings, “We believe that anybody can play a part in safeguarding our communities. AETOS strives to create an inclusive and barrier-free workplace that empowers individuals; where they are able to maximise the use of their abilities and grow together with the organization”.
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16 March 2022
AETOS Launches 5G-Enabled Integrated Command Centre
Singapore, 16 March 2022 – AETOS’ next-generation 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC) – the first of its kind in Singapore – was officially launched today by Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration.

Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D digital twin, the AETOS ICC platform aims to adopt metaverse applications, and will expand the organization’s capabilities beyond security. The implementation includes a visualization of unified operations island-wide on a single dashboard and the collection of data from numerous subsystems - including IoT and M&E systems, sensors, and security cameras island-wide – which is subsequently fed into an AI alert-based automated workflow process. Upon detection of anomalies – such as security breaches, safety issues, or even FM-related incidents like water leaks or lift break-downs – the ICC can effectively assess the situation and activate the nearest appropriate personnel to respond in the shortest possible timeframe.

Operators in the command centre can now effectively spend more time on decision-making and solving issues instead of having to decipher individual datasets. Operations that used to be managed in silos can now be streamlined to provide unified situational awareness, allowing fewer operators to carry out duties that would usually require significantly larger manpower commitments, while maintaining effective response times.

Businesses leveraging the platform will expect to see an improvement in outcome-based performance indicators and an increase of up to 20 per cent overall productivity. For example, by harnessing the capabilities of the digital twin, officers can now perform virtual patrols at multiple locations from the ICC. This allows for improved efficiencies and reduction of manpower needed to physically patrol these areas.

Mr. Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings said, “Launching the AETOS Integrated Command Centre is a pivotal step in our transformation journey to become a leading integrated security service partner. The added capabilities will not only enable the organization to create new value for our clients, it also serves as a commitment to equip our officers with these new digital skills to supercharge their career pathways and benefit from long-term employability.”

The ICC is a collaborative effort between best-in-class technology partners, many of whom are home-grown, working towards a shared vision of accelerating national digital transformation efforts across industries. For example, AETOS’ remote monitoring and data analytics capabilities will be further enhanced by Singtel’s newly-launched Paragon platform which offers high throughput 5G network, MEC, and network slicing capabilities to achieve the low latency required for remote surveillance, enhanced situational awareness and faster decision-making.

“Our partnership with AETOS is part of our ongoing effort to support the digital transformation requirements of the industry. This next-generation 5G ICC clearly demonstrates the transformative power of 5G and MEC to address more than just security needs, such as sustainability or precinct management. In addition to reducing complexity and costs, the platform will help AETOS attain new operational efficiencies and greater business growth and innovation," said Mr. Andrew Lim, Managing Director, Group Enterprise at Singtel.

Other partners who played an integral role in the creation of the ICC include SJi3, Singtel, Secretlab, Huawei, Calsius and D-Ron. Through this new command centre, AETOS will also be going beyond borders and providing critical assistance and remote monitoring services to corporate clients travelling in any part of the world. Called AETOS Assist, the service is part of a recent partnership with Collinson Group and Crisis24 to deliver security, medical and travel risk management services.

Besides monitoring security, safety and FM operations via the advanced platform, the ICC has the capability to help clients track total carbon emissions and real-time efficiency levels. By collecting and monitoring data such as water and energy consumption, CO2/VOC and even vehicle fleet movements, the insights gained can help to effectively monitor their progress against carbon reduction targets – and achieve their long-term sustainability goals.

“As part of our commitment to sustainability, which is also strongly aligned with our parent company, Surbana Jurong Group, we envisage a 50 percent reduction in our carbon footprint by 2030 through monitoring and analytics”, said Mr. Fox. AETOS has spearheaded several green initiatives of its own, such as the adoption of electric vehicles and switching to using sustainable materials to make uniforms and other apparel.
15 February 2022
AETOS, Collinson and Crisis24 Launch ‘AETOS Assist’ – An Integrated Security, Medical and Travel Risk Management Service for Businesses
SINGAPORE, 15 February 2022 – AETOS, Collinson, and Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide ‘AETOS Assist’, an end-to-end integrated security and travel risk management service to businesses. Operating out of a 5G-enabled data-driven Command Centre, AETOS Assist will strengthen Crisis24 and Collinson’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region; enabling organisations to fulfil their duty of care and protect employees in the region and around the world.

Under the agreement, all three companies will harness their combined expertise to provide corporate clients with a complete global risk mitigation service and support, enabling them to effectively assess, mitigate and manage risks amidst the continually evolving threat environment.

From pre-travel risk assessment, real-time security intelligence and people tracking through to crisis management, emergency evacuations and global medical assistance, AETOS Assist will provide specialised support and 24/7/365 peace of mind for business travellers and expatriates. Their medical solution will also include seamless and secure COVID-related travel tests and assistance, to help organisations manage the current pandemic and safeguard workforce health.

“We are excited to join forces with Collinson and Crisis24, both leading experts in the integrated risk management, global traveller, and medical assistance spaces. Enhancing and diversifying our capabilities is part of AETOS’ broader vision to provide integrated security and safety solutions to our clients. This partnership will help AETOS grow its regional footprint, and expand our horizon scanning, threat assessment and response capabilities to mitigate security risks anywhere in the world,” said Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director & CEO of AETOS Holdings.

Francis Chong, Vice President, Collinson Assistance, Asia Pacific, of Collinson said, “As a global leader in the provision of medical and travel risk management solutions, we are delighted to be joining forces with AETOS and further cement our existing partnership with Crisis24. With corporate travel becoming even more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are dedicated to helping companies better protect and support their employees wherever they operate. Additionally, with the new ISO 31030 Standard moving travel risk management onto the C-Suite agenda, this partnership will ensure businesses can safeguard their most valuable assets – their employees.”

Commenting on the partnership, Richard Hancock, Director Consultancy Services APAC, of Crisis24 said, “Crisis24 looks forward to delivering integrated security risk management services and unrivalled customer experience in partnership with AETOS and Collinson. This is the start of a great collaboration with talented teams. Our combined strengths, unique capabilities and innovative technologies provide seamless security, risk management and medical assistance to our clients in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.”
30 September 2021
AETOS to enhance its security operations with Singtel’s MEC and 5G network
Singapore, 30 September 2021 – Integrated security firm AETOS will be enhancing its security operations by leveraging a 5G network and Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) from Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel). Enterprises looking to roll out business critical use cases that require low latency now have an option in Singtel’s hybrid Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC). AETOS will power its surveillance robots, drones, video analytics with Singtel’s high throughput 5G network, MEC and network slicing to achieve low latency for real-time remote surveillance, enhanced situational awareness and decision-making.

Mr Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS Holdings said, “We are excited to be the first-mover in the security industry to leverage Singtel’s 5G edge cloud platform to augment our suite of integrated solutions. This strategic partnership marks our commitment to being a proactive enabler of innovation, and will help us achieve smarter and more sustainable security outcomes for our clients. We believe that harnessing 5G will unlock breakthrough value in our transformation journey and help accelerate efforts to transform the security industry.”

To achieve high compatibility with as many business critical applications as possible, Singtel has built a hybrid MEC - offering Singtel’s own edge computing solution along with hyper scalar solutions from Amazon Web Services Outpost and Microsoft Azure. This means availability of a wide range of ready to-use, plug-and-play services at the edge to help enterprises rapidly develop and deploy their novel solutions. Additionally, the hybrid MEC is available now on both 4G and 5G network, enabling immediate enterprise trials and commercial deployments in 4G with migration to 5G when the network is available throughout the country. To complete the offering, Singtel also offers on-premise private MEC for enterprises.

Mr Dennis Wong, Vice President, 5G Enterprise and Cloud said, “Enterprises now have the freedom to deploy their business critical use cases confidently and easily without having to worry about optimising latency during roll out. This means being able to use highly mobile devices like drones and autonomous vehicles for business operations, or offer an immersive, hyper-realistic gaming experience with rich graphics and no lag. Applications like these are important first steps, which we hope can have a multiplier effect and that these innovative solutions can be rolled out and applied across industries in the future.”
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