Project Bake Smiles spreads festive cheer to underprivileged children
This Christmas, AETOS partnered with Care Community Services Society (CCSS) and Community Chest to bring smiles and festive joy to schoolchildren from low-income and/or single parent families via their inaugural event – ‘Project Bake Smiles’.

Through this three-part fundraising and engagement event, AETOS volunteers grew closer with the children and collectively raised a total of $10,000 for the beneficiary - which will go towards defraying the cost of education for the children, including paying for their school uniforms, textbooks, and school fees.

Over the month of December, AETOS organised a few excursions for the children - the first of which was a fun-filled experience where they got a hands-on opportunity to bake their very own Christmas gingerbread cookies at OUE Downtown Gallery. This was soon followed by another excitement-packed event where the children and volunteers went on a ‘Super Race’ at SuperPark Singapore; a 40,000 sq. ft indoor playground that houses a wide range of games and activities suitable for all ages.

“Everyone should have a chance to enjoy themselves this festive season, regardless of their background. We hope that this small gesture from AETOS will go a long way in uplifting the lives of the children and bring genuine smiles to their faces this Christmas,” said Ms Elaine Ong, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications and Service Quality.
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31 March 2020
AETOS personnel volunteer to distribute sanitiser under #BYOBclean initiative
As part of the national #BYOBclean initiative, AETOS volunteers have been helping to prepare and distribute hand sanitiser at Plaza Singapura and Funan. In the spirit of “gotong royong”, or cooperation across the community, 28 staff from across the organization were involved across three separate days, dispensing zero alcohol sanitiser to members of the public, who were instructed to “bring your own bottle” for collection.

Launched by Temasek Foundation, #BYOBclean aims to enhance the resilience of the Singapore community and help the general public to stay safe and healthy, while simultaneously supporting the nation’s green drive to reduce waste through reusing and recycling bottles. AETOS stands among 70 other corporations, unions, universities, and community organisations working towards this common goal.

“We are happy to be part of #SGUnited efforts to fight the spread of the virus within our community. Our security officers are battling on the frontlines every single day despite the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am heartened to see them also taking part in this volunteering activity. This is how AETOS makes a difference. Together, I am confident that we can overcome these challenges and look out for one another in times of need,” said Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings.
31 December 2019
AETOS to Deploy First Auxiliary Police K-9 Unit at MBSC 2020
In the upcoming year-end countdown celebration at Marina Bay, AETOS will be complementing the authorities’ heightened security measures by deploying their auxiliary police K-9 unit to help augment security operations and to boost security presence amidst the revelry.

This is the first time that a K-9 unit from an auxiliary police unit has participated in a major national event, and a total of two Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams will be deployed at strategic areas around the Marina Bay.

Said Mr. Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS, “AETOS has been a long-standing security service provider for the annual countdown celebration since 2009. As an integrated security service provider, we are pleased to offer the deployment of our AETOS K-9 unit in addition to our well-trained security personnel as well as other technology solutions, so as to assist the Home Team in achieving operational efficiencies and better security outcomes.”

Through a three-month rigorous training programme, the sniffer dogs have been trained to become capable of detecting explosive substances with much ease. These dogs have also received the Singapore Police Force (SPF) certification back in October 2019, for having achieved the stringent standards as required by SPF.

Today, the AETOS K-9 dogs are operationally ready to assist in major events; clearance searches and bomb sweeps at critical installations and border checkpoints, as well as air cargo screening for the aviation sector.

“We have always placed great importance on the operational readiness of our officers, and now, on our canine colleagues as well, to ensure safety and security during major events such as the MBSC2020. It is therefore crucial that all of them are equipped with the right skillsets and knowledge to swiftly manage and respond to any security threats and incidents when it happens,” said DAC (APF) Tan Chong Hee, Commander of AETOS Auxiliary Police Force.

The AETOS K-9 Unit will be deployed on 31 Dec and the company advises the public to not approach these working dogs to pet them whilst they are on duty.
01 November 2019
AETOS and COSEM to Offer Industry-First Integrated Safety and Security Capabilities
AETOS Holdings has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with COSEM Safety & Security Services to offer Singapore’s first integrated safety and security consultancy services. This partnership extends to the provision of customised WSQ training packages for frontline personnel in both safety and security operations.

Through this partnership, AETOS and COSEM will collaborate on three key areas:

1. Provide joint Safety & Security consultancy services both locally and abroad,
2. Develop customised WSQ training packages that equip frontline personnel with both safety and security competencies, and
3. Establish a common framework and guidelines for trained personnel to adhere to during crises and emergencies.

Said Mr. Alfred Fox, Chief Executive Officer of AETOS, “We are pleased to embark on this strategic collaboration with COSEM. Their capabilities in safety will take AETOS’ integrated services to another level, complementing both our proven security track record and best-in-class managed services capabilities from our parent company, Surbana Jurong. By leveraging this collective expertise, AETOS can now unlock greater value for our clients through an expanded suite of integrated service offerings consisting of safety, security, and facilities management, among others. Backed by best-in-class technology partners, we see this as the future for integrated value-creation.”

Said Mr. Ng Chee Kiang, Chief Executive Officer of COSEM Safety & Security Services, “We are looking forward to this partnership, which leverages the strengths of COSEM and AETOS in a collective manner. Apart from cost-saving benefits for our clients, we strongly believe that this partnership will help raise our clients’ overall state of emergency readiness and response from a safety and security perspective.”

Working closely with COSEM, AETOS is set on becoming the first integrated service provider to offer end-to-end fire safety inspections, enforcement and monitoring services. These services will not be solely manpower-based, but also focused on cost-effective systems-level enterprise solutions which will help reduce manpower and bring added value to their clients and partners.

“AETOS and COSEM are committed to equipping our people with the relevant skillsets. While innovative technologies are often harnessed to achieve greater productivity, we believe that our people ultimately make the critical difference in our operations. By broadening their expertise, knowledge, and real-time decision-making in safety, security, and facilities management, we enable our clients to better achieve their desired business outcomes,” added Mr. Fox and Mr. Ng.

AETOS and COSEM will co-develop the training programme by Q1 2020.
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