Accelerating Transformation Beyond Security

20% Increase in Ops Productivity and Response Time

Future-proof and Highly Scalable

Accelerate Net-Zero Goals

      The ICC is a game-changer in the security industry. Operations that used to be managed in silos are now being unified to enable enhanced situational awareness, faster decision making and optimisation of asset performance to catalyse transformative value for our stakeholders.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that organisations must be able to continuously innovate and invest in new capabilities to thrive amid uncertainties such as ever-evolving security threats, growing inflationary pressures and manpower crunch. Furthermore, with the shift towards outcome-based contracting, effective ops-tech integration and digital acceleration have become the key drivers for security agencies to achieve sustainable growth.


Rethinking Traditional Security

As part of its continuous efforts to spearhead industry transformation by leveraging innovative technologies, AETOS launched its next-generation 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC) in March 2022.


Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D Digital Twin, the ICC is an agnostic platform that expands AETOS’ capabilities beyond security. The first of its kind in Singapore, the ICC visualises and unifies operations island-wide on a single dashboard – enabling enhanced situational awareness of its operations, while simultaneously monitoring all aspects of its own and clients’ premises to improve security, safety, facilities management (FM) and sustainability tracking.


Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) cloud-based analytics, the ICC aggregates data from unlimited subsystems – including Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems, and security cameras – which is subsequently fed into an AI alert-based automated workflow process. Upon detection of anomalies, such as security breaches, safety issues, or even FM-related incidents like water leaks or lift breakdowns, the ICC immediately verifies the situation and activates the nearest appropriate personnel to respond in the shortest possible timeframe.


Besides monitoring security, safety and FM operations via the agnostic platform, the ICC can track total carbon emissions and real-time efficiency levels of clients’ assets. Insights gained from collecting and monitoring data such as water and energy consumption, CO2/VOC and even vehicle fleet movements can help clients to track their progress against carbon reduction targets – vital for achieving their 2030 sustainability goals.


Unlocking Efficiencies

The ICC enables businesses that leverage the platform to achieve greater manpower savings and increased productivity by an estimated 20%. For instance, by harnessing the capabilities of the digital twin, officers can now perform virtual patrols across multiple locations at the same time from the ICC.


By conducting virtual patrols as opposed to traditional ground patrol, it allows efficient real-time monitoring of clients’ premises. This results in improved security and safety outcomes while removing the need for officers to conduct labour-intensive work.


Moreover, the ICC can now operate with a 50% reduction in manpower as compared to the past, as operators no longer have to spend time and effort deciphering individual datasets with the unified platform and AI-driven workflow processes. This then leads to better incident management and decision-making amongst deployed operators.


“The ICC’s added capabilities not only aids AETOS in creating an agile digital ecosystem that generates new value for our clients, it also underscores our commitment to develop a sustainable talent pipeline of professionals for the sector. By streamlining operations and reducing manual work, our officers now have more opportunities to upskill and reskill themselves for long-term employability,” said Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings.


Creating New Value

Designed to be highly scalable and future-proof, the ICC also allows organisations to fulfil their duty of care for employees in any part of the world through AETOS Assist. Operating out of the command centre, AETOS Assist is an end-to-end integrated security, medical and travel risk management services for businesses in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.


In addition, the ICC can now be utilised to predict and detect falls among seniors at homes, enabling timely interventions by medically trained frontline responders to render the needed assistance. This extended capability is part of an end-to-end non-intrusive monitoring and response solution that seeks to enhance eldercare by empowering seniors to age-in-place at home.

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