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  • Fence Intrusion Detection System

    Our world is facing ever-increasing security risks. These threats must be anticipated, identified and taken down with pinpoint accuracy. Critical facilities pose attractive top-of-the-line targets. As perpetrators devise new models of infiltration, security protocols need to adjust accordingly by offering reliable and trustworthy technology solutions.

    1) An intruder attempts to breach the perimeter by cutting or climbing the fence.

    2) When the fence panel is disturbed, the nearest sensor will cause a change in its reflected colour and trigger an alert to the Operations Centre.

    3) The nearest strategically placed camera on the perimeter is automatically activated to verify the intrusion.

    4) The security response team is quickly activated and dispatched to the precise intrusion location. The entire process is monitored by the Operations Centre.

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  • Alarms

    NESS introduces “The New Face” of your Alarm System.

    Ness D8X Navigator Panel provides both the user and installer with unrivaled ease of use. Its self-explanatory operation guides provide you with plain English display and intuitive touch screen operation.

    Ness Panel makes it easy to view the status of your entire alarm system, with personalised name of the protected area and get helps and prompts to operate the system.

    More Details[+]

    ▪ 3.5” colour LCD Touch Screen: the easiest to read alarm keypad ever!
    ▪ Plain English event display
    ▪ Superb contemporary design: clean, crisp design adds elegance to any décor in home or office.
    ▪ Touch Screen Age: a breakthrough in offering touch screen technology to intrusion detection system
    ▪ Integrates with most of the common intrusion detectors available in the industry, such door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass-break detector, etc.

  • Fence Intrusion Detection System

  • Alarms

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