Module 2 – Firearm: Weapon Handling and Shooting


To equip learners with the knowledge and skills in handling the revolver used by the Police Force and APFs, including observing the necessary safety precautions.


  • Understanding and observing firearms safety rules
  • Observing normal safety precautions drill
  • Performing handing over a revolver to another person
  • Performing taking over a revolver to another person
  • Performing loading of a revolver using a speed loader
  • Performing stoppage and immediate actions
  • Performing unloading of revolver
  • Applying marksmanship principles
  • Achieving proficiency in shooting


50 hrs [Basic APO Course], 18 hrs [Direct APO Course]
(inclusive of 2 hrs test / classification shoot)
Note: Serving APOs must attend and pass the annual weapon retention technique session and shooting classification test to qualify them to carry firearms for their duties.