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"During our recent celebration (DPM visit) on 10 Nov at Central Sikh Temple (CST), we engaged the services of 5 APOs from AETOS to manage traffic and crowd control duties. I would like to commend their excellent performance and very professional attitude. No incidents were reported and we did not receive any negative feedback with regards to the officers. They have done AETOS proud. We are looking to engaging your services in the near future for our events."

Sukhbir Singh Nijer, Secretary, CST - 14 Nov 2019
"Kudos to your officer, who surprised our colleagues during our peak period by going the extra mile. He assists to bring down the little toddlers from their parents' cars and ensures their safety outside our school venue. He demonstrates professionalism and dedication in the course of his work and always provides service with a smile. His patience and consideration has won the applause of our staff and liking of our students."

Eunice Choong, CLS International (1993) Pte Ltd - 10 Nov 2019
"My family and friends were taking a stroll along Esplanade River Front when my younger son of 15 accidentally dropped his wallet into the river. As the platform we were on was at least about 2-3m high, there was no way we could retrieve the clearly visible and floating wallet from the water. As I looked for something in my car to assist me in the hopeless endeavour, I saw Officer Roslan Rais at the carpark. I approached him for help and he immediately set about organising, coordinating and planning ahead, and at the same time constantly reassuring me.

Roslan helped improvise a long scoop from a couple of poles and a spade from a cleaner whom he had summoned to assist. He stayed with us throughout and all the time he showed absolute professionalism, compassion, resoluteness and selflessness in his quest to help us. His perseverence paid off and we managed to retrieve my son’s wallet from the water. I would like to compliment Roslan for his competence and care that night - to have such an officer who is ready to go the extra mile without a moment’s hesitation shows his passion and integrity in discharging his duty. I am immensely proud that such uniformed officers are deployed on the frontlines."

Eugene Teng, Member of Public - 12 Sep 2019
"On 6th July 2019, I was experiencing severe chest pain while at the Johor Checkpoint. When I informed the officers of my condition there, a medic attended to me and after some deliberations, we decided to turn back to Singapore. On reaching the custom check area, we attracted the attention of the officer on duty and informed him of my severe chest pain. I noticed him speaking on his walkie talkie and the next moment, I saw a number of officers rushing towards us.

I was promptly attended to by your officers, one of whom later identified himself as a medical officer. My wife was also attended to and given the necessary help. The MO later said that I had a heart attack and gave me some pills to put under my tongue. I was shortly put on an ambulance and sent to the hospital. In the meantime, assistance was also given to my children, who had been in contact with ICA regarding the situation. One officer even came by the hospital later on to enquire about my condition.

The swift and prompt actions and help from your officers that day has greatly helped me and my family to reduce my pain and our anxiety. No words can describe our appreciation and gratitude on our part towards your officers who had responded very well in the situation. A very big thank you from me and my family to all of those involved (everyone from the most junior to the most senior officers) as it speaks volumes of them."

Ibrahim Hassan, Member of Public - 30 Jul 2019
"I would like to commend our AETOS colleague, Adrian Goh Wee Piak, for his professionalism and commitment in ensuring safety and smooth operations for our clinic. Adrian has demonstrated much experience in handling the occasional challenging situation. During the process, he will ensure that the patients are duly informed of the reason prior to the engagement, and also reassure the patients that treatment will be followed up on and that they will gradually recover.

He is also a team player and ensures that the clinic is in order. Adrian is very patient-centric - he will immediately highlight any potential operational incidents, e.g. if a patient has waited too long for his/her consultation, and inform our staff to attend to the patient promptly. He will also help beyond his job scope to assist patients who have difficulties with the self-registration kiosk, and redirect them to our staff accordingly. This is all on top of what he does as a gatekeeper for the flow of patients daily in the clinic.

We are very pleased with his hard work and service, and will like to express our gratitude to him for his contribution to the clinic. I am sure that he will reach greater heights of success."

Sean Seah, NAMS Clinic, Institute of Mental Health - 09 Jul 2019
Amazing job by the AETOS team during the Armenian Street Party, very well organised internally. Was extremely satisfied with the quality of the staff - great service attitude, dedicated and very impress with the whole team! Would be good if you if you pass on some comments from our team to them, that help was very much appreciated. Wouldn't hesitate to work with AETOS again.

Ruth Lai, Project Manager, Sunshine Nation Pte Ltd - 23 Apr 2018
I would like to compliment AETOS officer Mr. Alfred Francis from DBS Suntec City branch.

He has been a valuable asset to us throughout his stay in DBS Suntec. Not only did he go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s safety in the branch by consistently patrolling around the premises, he exceeded expectations as a guard, he was service-oriented as well, making every customer’s visit a pleasant one.

I am utterly satisfied with his professional front and I would like to compliment him as an exemplary model for all AETOS guards.

I hope you will be able to showcase his fantastic attitude at work with AETOS.

Overall, fantastic job done!

Jaricson Chan, Branch Business Manager, DBS Suntec City Branch, DBS Bank Ltd - 14 Apr 2018
Dear James and Chong Hee

We are happy to share that Singapore Airshow 2018 ended on a successful note. The sentiment was that both traffic and security went well and was smooth.

We would like to thank all AETOS officers involved in this event, many of them had so much passion for this event and did not complain despite having to work under the hot sun! While it is not possible for us to name everyone, I do remember some of them whom I work with personally with and/or have come into direct contact with; Michael Gomes, Omar, Lionel Collar, Gulam, Mohd, Adnan – they have been great!

Special thanks also to Musthafa, Vela and Normarith, who played a pivotal role in the planning and execution of the event, ensuring the success of the event.

It was pleasure working with the team and we certainly look forward to working with this same team again in 2020.

Connie Chua, Director Operations, Experia Events Pte Ltd - 13 Feb 2018
My name is Zahid and I am writing in from The Prosecution Film Company, a local media production house specialising in television commercials.

We have come to the end of an intensive 5-day shoot, involving more than 30 locations in Singapore. Many of these scenes and locations were, as you can surely imagine, a nightmare to coordinate as a change for one location affected the schedules for the other 30.

I would very much like to commend the team of 5 APOs, who went beyond their duties in assisting us to make this shoot possible. They were selfless, went the extra mile and displayed great patience and understanding and gave us invaluable advice, right up to the last minute.

Just want to express our heartfelt appreciation for all their effort, and here’s a magnificent THANK YOU to all those involved!

Here’s to a uniquely Singapore experience, where passion is made possible!

Zahid Zameer, The Prosecution Film Company - 07 Jun 2017
A Big Thank You to you and your team for the excellent job during the May Day Awards 2017 event at Orchid Country Club on 13 May 2017.

Your team of APOs were awesome. They did very well in managing the traffic flow during the arrival and departure of our 1,500 delegates, guests and VIPs. Their committed effort and diligence helps to ensure the success of this important event.


Please convey my appreciation to the officers.

Osman B Abdul Karim, Senior Security Executive, Orchid Country Club - 15 May 2017
I am a Singapore Permanent Resident. The purpose of this email is to commend the excellent service of 4 ICA and AETOS officers and thank them for the help rendered.

On 15 December 2016, when I was entering Singapore from Malaysia at about 7pm, my car tyre punctured and I was unable to drive my car.

Two AETOS officers came forward and guided me to drive to the side of the road. After I informed them that I had a spare tyre, the officers approached another two of their colleagues who were also officers to help me to change my tyre. They also approached another passer-by for help on how to change my tyre when they encountered difficulties.

They spent a total of about 40 minutes to change my tyre. During the process, they demonstrated good team spirit. After that, they were all sweating and their uniforms were wet. I would like to commend the excellent service that they provided to us. Their work attitude and service made me feel proud and touched to be a Singaporean. I am also very grateful to them for the help rendered.

They are efficient in their job and their passion towards the job provides a good role model for the other officers. Thank you.

Chu S.E, Member of Public - 08 Mar 2017
On behalf of the Management and staff of the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, we are pleased to inform you that Thaipusam Festival 2017 was conducted successfully.

We could not have done it without the exceptional support given by the officers deployed from AETOS and we take this opportunity to thank the AETOS team wholeheartedly for this.

In particular, we would like to record our sincere appreciation to the outstanding officers, Mr Ikshan, Eelam, Thamutharan and Pritivraj for their commitment and for having gone beyond their call of duty to ensure that the festival was well managed.

AETOS’s involvement and support at this event will be remembered by all of us for a long time to come.

P. Rajaperian, Secretary, Thaipusam 2017 Organising Committee – for event Thaipusam 2017 - 15 Feb 2017
Whilst visiting Singapore recently over Xmas / New Year's, my daughter left her mobile phone in a taxi on our way to a ferry terminal. The concierge at Mandarin Orchard were unable to assist in identifying the taxi/driver that picked us up at Mandarin Orchard but we met Police Sergeant Kelly at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and she went beyond reasonable efforts to identify and contact the taxi driver for us. Sergeant Kelly did not need to leave her normal line of duty to assist us, but she did. Sergeant Kelly's role would not normally be considered amongst the tourist service industry but she made our trip to Singapore so much more special. Sergeant Kelly should be considered for a tourism award, or similar, if it is within your powers. We are sorry we could not catch up with her personally before leaving Singapore. Thank you very much!

Mr. Douglas Core, Member of Public - 11 Jan 2017