Training | Facilities

From classrooms and assessment rooms to dormitories for our trainees, AETOS Training Academy is equipped with an extensive range of facilities to meet the training requirements of our Auxiliary Police Officers, Security Officers and clients alike.

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The AETOS 25-metre firing range allows our Auxiliary Police Officers to hone their proficiency in live firing and weapons handling. Lighting and target controls are used to simulate different situations and environments, ensuring they are better able to adapt to various real-life scenarios. Each firing lane is also equipped with a touchscreen station that provides localized control of its target.

Designed with recognized safety standards such as UK JSP 403 and the Workplace Safety and Health Act in mind, the range features a variety of bullet protection systems, such as anti-ricochet panels, reclining gran traps, and bulletproof doors and windows. It also includes safety measures such as strict access control and an uninterruptible power supply.


Our officers frequently carry out essential duties such as access control and threat detection for key installations and major public events. Equipped with Rapiscan 620XR security screening stations and walk-through metal detectors, the screening centre allows them to familiarize themselves with authentic security equipment and standard operational procedures.