Location-Based Services

Location-Based Services

Guardcomm II

Track your personnel to improve safety, security and accountability.

The AETOS Guardcomm II device is a state-of-the-art GPS System designed ideally for personnel tracking. Reliable and affordable, this device can locate and report the global location of any mobile asset with an accuracy of up to a few metres. It is able to communicate precise locations and receive commands using international GSM/GPRS networks.

Being one of the smallest available devices on the market, the GuardComm II is compact, versatile, and easily integrated into larger applications. It also has a special Man-Down function which sends an alert to any server, predefined email address, mobile device or emergency centre in the event of distress or an emergency. Contact us to find out how this device can be customized to your specific business environment and tracking needs.


High Capacity
Internal Battery
(1-3 days usage)

Man-Down Alert

Motion Sensor
Switch to Detect

Over-the-Air Commands
(Covert Listening/
2-Way Comms)

Location-Based Services

Advanced Telematics

Protect and gain absolute control of your vehicle fleet with the state-of-the-art Magtec GPS Tracking System. With unbeatable connectivity, this leading-edge technology will report accurate real-time location, speed and direction of any vehicle. It is easy to install and provides excellent field reliability, making it the ideal solution for asset monitoring.

Applications include: Fleet Management, Track and Trace, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Portable and Covert Tracking.

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Reports on Client &
Web-Based App

No Compromise with
Full Tamper
Detection Features

Automatic Over-the-Air
Firmware and
Configuration Updates

Location-Based Services

Portable Vehicle Tracking Device

Our Portable Vehicle Tracking Device, also known as “Slap N Track”, is an ideal portable device to track vehicles discretely and effectively. Using GSM, GPRS networks, this device is especially useful for law enforcement agencies, fleet management (where a permanent fixture is not required) and even to monitor suspicious activities for company cars.


Real-Time Tracking
(up to 5 meters)

Strong Magnetic
Power & Durability

Up to 8 hours of
Continuous Usage

Easy to Use,
No Damage to

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