Escort of Property

Our officers are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to provide the following escort services:

Escort of Vehicles Carrying Dangerous Goods

Our officers are trained to take the appropriate measures of ensuring the safe transport of dangerous or hazardous goods (biological, radioactive or explosive goods), as well as to prevent the possibility of any mishaps that would have a significant impact on the public. Should an incident still occur, our officers will act as the first law enforcement officers at the scene to secure the area and establish safety. They will also act as a deterrent against theft or hijacking by terrorists.

Major Clients: Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Technologies (ST), Singapore Shooting Association (SSA), Singapore Rifle Association (SRA) and Asia Tunnelling & Construction (ATC).

Escort of Vehicles with Oversized Loads

Vehicles with oversized loads pose an issue to road safety. Our officers are trained to ensure the safety of other road users by ensuring such vehicles comply with existing traffic rules/regulations, while regulating traffic as they move from destination to destination.

Major Clients: Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), commercial organisations.

Guarding and Escort of Persons

Escort & Guarding

Persons-In-Custody (PICs) and prisoners are inclined to try every possible means to attempt an escape from legal custody. Our AETOS officers are competent in guarding and escorting prisoners or accused persons outside penal institutions.

Executive Protection

AETOS provides highly trained armed and unarmed professionals, who are experienced in the safe escort and protection of VIPs from any threats or attacks. We pay close attention to details, ensuring protection in the most efficient, secure and non-intrusive manner possible.