AETOS Security Consultancy (ASC) offers an extensive range of consulting services designed to enhance your existing security infrastructure, based on your individual needs and specific business requirements.

We will assist you in conducting a thorough assessment to identify any possible risks your business or organisation may be exposed to, followed by the development of a security plan and course of implementation, to safeguard against potential damage or loss in the event of any crisis.

The suggested protection measures will complement the deployment of security personnel with appropriate technology solutions and a set of robust and efficient operating procedures. All our consultants’ recommendations draw on a wealth of accumulated experience in the security industry and are based on known security standards such as Guidelines for Enhancing Building Security (GEBSS), International Security Standards, and other tested best practices.

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When a security breach occurs or a disaster strikes, critical operations and security functions cannot be compromised.

ASC will evaluate the readiness of your organisation by reviewing existing contingency plans. Thereafter, our Consultants will develop relevant operational procedures and policies for your organisation.

They will also conduct drills and exercises to sharpen the skills of your staff in managing crises. Customised training programs can be arranged to provide your workforce with the knowledge required to handle various situations.


AETOS Training Academy is a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) appointed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

We conduct a range of services to assist clients in obtaining and renewing their International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code certification and conduct the drills and exercises.

As an MPA Approved Training Organisation (ATO), AETOS can conduct Port Facility Officer Courses & Maritime Security Awareness Training.


Also known as Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA), the Risk Management process identifies and prioritises security risks. The process includes identifying the potential threats your organisation is exposed to, evaluating its vulnerabilities and understanding the impact to the organisation, in the event of threat manifestation.

The TVRA is conducted with reference to international standards, which our Consultants are fully conversant with.


This is a process to determine whether your organisation’s security measures and procedures meet the requirements of a specific national or international standard. The audit will highlight areas of non-compliance, and may be followed by a security enhancement plan with appropriate recommendations.


When designing or planning for any new premises, it is of utmost importance to incorporate all security requirements at an early stage. This will allow for hassle-free integration of key security specifications and considerations into the design, environment and operations, in a holistic approach.

Tender Management

To put your mind at ease, our consultants will develop the required documents for your kind perusal during the tendering process. These include technical drawings, security systems and technical specifications. Throughout this process, AETOS Consultants will evaluate the submissions and provide professional advice on the suitability of the specifications for your consideration.

Project Management

In Project Management, AETOS Consultants monitor and oversee the implementation of the security systems. We will coordinate all site work with project consultants and contractors to ensure the project is completed according to the schedule. After the installation process, the Consultants will conduct the Testing and Commissioning of the security systems before handing over an operationally ready system to the client.