Voice of Our People
"I have been an Auxiliary Police Officer for more than 20 years and I am proud to say that a career in AETOS has created many milestones for me to excel. I started out as a Police Constable and now, I take care of more than 250 Security Screening Officers and Auxiliary Police Officers at the Aviation Cluster.

Being an APO is more than just a job, but a great profession to be pursued. If taken positively and with commitment, there are many opportunities to prove one’s worth. I feel honoured with all the chances given to me and I execute them with great optimism. The constant challenges surrounding my job and having a positive mindset give me the energy to motivate myself at work."

Insp (APF) Musthafa Kamal
Deputy Commanding Officer
"I’ve been with the company for almost three years now and it has been a fulfilling experience. Right from my first day at work, my colleagues made me feel very welcome which helped me to settle in easily. It is like a big family here and I know that I can always count on my team members to get the job done together.

I handle full sets of accounts in my daily work and I’m still learning more with every day. There are plenty of opportunities to be exposed to different aspects of the job and grow with the company along the way, something which I’m especially grateful to my manager for. I’m proud to be part of AETOS and will continue to contribute my best to the company."

Linny Chua
Accounts Executive
"When I first joined the company as an Aviation Screening Officer in 2003, I carried out my job with great pride as I saw myself as an 'ambassador' to the country. I was then promoted to Assistant Manager, Operations, in 2007 and I feel that that was the greatest reward.

Everyday I get up looking forward to go to work. The motivational drive is my Operations Team, everyone of them. Any difficult situation will be resolved the moment we sit down to solve them.  With this, I believe that behind every successful team is a team that is dedicated to its cause.

There is an opportunity for progress and success in AETOS. One has to set his or her directions straight and stay focused. Work without any expectations and the rewards will flow in good time.”

Vishnu Krishnasamy
Assistant Operations Manager
"Time has really flown since I joined AETOS in 2008! Maybe it’s the fact that I constantly enjoy myself at work, which has been a pleasant learning journey for me.

As an executive with the Payroll team, my scope of work includes handling the full cycle of payroll processing. The work can be challenging but the sense of satisfaction is extremely rewarding. It is also with the full support and guidance of my management and peers that I can excel in my job. I enjoy working with my colleagues and together as a team, we put in our best efforts to ensure that everything is run smoothly.

Just like anyone else in the company, l look forward to growing further in my career as part of the AETOS family!"

Eileen Siah
Payroll Executive